Sunday, July 27, 2008

NY, NJ, PA: Volunteers Needed

"That loud bang we just heard was the beginning of the General Election."


Residents of PA that want to offer their support to John McCain should e-mail me at: Tell me where you live, and I'll put you in touch (as quickly as possible) with campaign organizers in your area.

As for those who live in the NYC/NJ area, the critical message to get across to Hillary Supporters (and they total in the millions) is that the DNC doesn't like them or respect them. They do, however, want their votes. The woman in WI (the Hillary Delegate) was duly elected and there was no reason for the DNC to dump her. There is at least one McCain delegate who appeared in a pro-Obama commercial. I haven't heard anybody saying he should be tossed under the bus.

Another urgent request: Anna Barone is now head of of New Yorkers for McCain. Any residents of NYC (or close neighbors) can sign up (with e-mail addresses) with Anna at: www.newyorkersformccain.comor e-mail her at:,

McCain intends to win Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey . . . states that went strongly for Sen. Clinton in the primaries but are being taken for granted by Barack H. Obama. That "loud bang" we all just heard was the beginning of the General Election.

Obams is too unqualified, too inexperienced, too untrustworthy, and too dangerous. Period.

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kmorrison said...

I think he might be able to take CT too. With Lieberman and Shays there stumping for him, he may just have a shot.