Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great News For McCain Folks Online

Hey Folks.... GREAT NEWS.

David Mastio of BlogNetNews

had created a new McCain Bloggers section at RightyBlogs

You can find the McCain Blogs HERE

The Join/Sign up page is HERE

You can Find The FEED URL HERE

You can check ratings/comments/posts it is very cool.

David has been a great help not only with this project but with our SlateCard project to support conservative candidates

Both BlogNetNews and RightyBlogs are full of cool features,feeds,widgets you can download and customize to your site or blog....from their great new elections08 feature, the whitehouse feature, the local feeds or national........I would highly recommend using them on your site!!

If you have any trouble or questions get in touch with David, he is a great guy and more then willing to help you out. They are always looking for ways to improve their service and be innovative...and they do a GREAT job of it!! THANKS DAVID.

If you could help us get the word out it would be greatly appreciated! We have a new New McCain sign up at RightyBlogs. Also you can grab a feed of this to replace any other feeds or multiple feeds you may have cluttering up. You can grab them nationally, locally whatever you like! Very cool.

Thanks to David Mastio of BlogNetNews / RightBlogs. David has been very helpful in working with us and they have a lot of great new features and things going on over there so if you can please be sure to include links etc to them.

Here is the link to our page at Righty Blogs (which we will update frequently)

McCain blogs is up here:

Here's the form to join:

Thanks for all your help folks…Keep It up!!!

Be sure to also support local conservatives in some of the most important races around by visiting



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