Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mac Is Back

I have been watching Senator McCain climb up this week in Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls. I took my time pointing it out because it could have been a statistical fluke. Now it seems real especially when I look at the underlying numbers. Senator McCain is trusted on the economy and has pulled even on energy. The Democrats extreme position on energy is killing their Congressional numbers and is starting to weigh down Senator Obama.

The message is getting through. Drill here, drill now. Get serious about alternatives. Encourage innovation. Look at the excessive speculative bubble caused by the margin changes. We have to do it all.

Senator McCain is now tied in the most recent national polls and is within single digits in all of them. He shows the most upside potential in the choice of a running mate.
Furthermore, white evangelicals -- who typically make up a quarter or more of a winning Republican presidential coalition -- seem especially pessimistic. McCain is substantially ahead among these voters, but only 44% of white evangelicals said they were satisfied with their choices this election, compared with 72% at this time in 2004.

All of these trends suggest that McCain would be most helped by choosing a young running mate who would inspire evangelicals, but there is no obvious holder of that political résumé.

I would disagree. Can you say Mike Huckabee--Detroit Freepress? How about America's most popular governor, according to Rasmussen, Sarah Palin of Alaska who is a young, evangelical, and a woman who can appeal to working class voters?

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