Monday, July 21, 2008

Hype - The Obama Effect

Movie Trailor for Hype - the Obama Effect

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misanthropicus said...

Obscene, Glibama’s gleeful staring in the cameras - not even Clinton at his highest narcissistic moments did revel so shamelessly in limelight.
And the hype surrounding Hussein’s Magic Carpet Trip In His Newly Annexed 7 Union States is equally obscene.
A narcissistic, Lyondon LaRouche-like American presidential candidate rallying superstitious crowds (Europeans, i.e.), and opportunistic or even anti-American politicians to bolster his electoral chances in America - hurrah! we reached this point!
The job of an US president is to protect and advance America’s legitime interest in the world, not to serve internationalist coteries or pander to Europeans’ - those unredeemable appeasers, enablers, whores, pimps and profiteers - resents and cowardice.
What a shame! a shameless stunt coming from a cynical and unpatriotic Democrat Party which is propping a singularly un-American candidate for the US presidency job.
Why bother to enlist voters in US penitentiaries (a Democrat idea) when you can get all those herds of Euros to press interests which don’t benefit America from there? Ask the Euros: instead of ranting about human rights, unity, multilateralism, global heating and swooning about Glibama, why don’t you send a few more soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq or stop doing business with world’s worst kleptocracies - why in the war agains radicalism and terrorism America has to pick up the tab again for that collection of duplicitous European appeasers?
We did it thrice last century with enormous price and the response was always ingratitude and backstabbing. The notion that America has special ties with Europe is a fantasy, and a very costly one for that matter - out of this racket! we have different necessities to address and keeping the Euros slacking in cafes or beer gardens is/should not be one of them.
As far as Glibama, his narcissism and naivity has crossed well into the realm of pathological and it looks like that simply there is no limit as to how low & destructive he would go to fulfill the dream from his father - limelight, limelight, more limelight and never enough limelight.
Gross stunt this Glibama excellent foreign trip is - yet there is a plus side to it, that is it shows that anti-Americanism is the chief coagulating drive within the Democrat Party. And since here, a realistic anticipation - the Dems will break any record of electoral fraud in this fall’s election