Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Problems with ACORN and Obama's Ties to ACORN

Ken Blackwell the former Secretary of State of Ohio wrote an article for National Review entitled An ACORN Falls from the Tree. He addresses why ACORN is now garnering attention, as it was to be a recipient of 'Housing Trust Fund' money earmarked by Democrats in the first version of the economic bill. He goes on to note his own experiences with this radical organization.
As the weekend progressed, reports were constantly emerging of the sticking points preventing a final agreement. One of these reputed points of contention was whether 20 percent of the profit proceedings for asset sales in the future would go to what is called the Housing Trust Fund, subsidizing certain groups for ostensibly nonpartisan activity. One of these groups that this trust supports is ACORN.

ACORN has often been in the news since 2004. Officially, they work to register voters and support housing. In reality, everyone in public life knows that they are hardcore supporters for the Democratic Party, and employ bare-knuckle tactics. Their organization is plagued by repeated investigations of voter fraud and other crimes.

In Ohio, where as secretary of state I oversaw elections for eight years, ACORN has been busy. One ACORN man in Reynoldsburg was indicted on two felony counts of voter fraud, and another was indicted in Columbus. Other such problems surfaced in Cuyahoga County, where criminal investigations are ongoing.

The New York Post notes in their article The Meltdown's Acorn that Obama is directly connected to ACORN and he said so himself as recently as last November.
"I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career," he [Obama] told the group last November.

Indeed, in the early '90s, Obama was recruited by Talbott herself to run training sessions for ACORN activists.

ACORN also got funding from two charities, the Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation, when Obama served on their boards, and from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge - the radical "education reform" outfit Obama ran from '95 to '99.

Ironically, the group stood to be a key beneficiary of the goodies Democrats were loading into Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's rescue plan - including one demand that 20 percent of any profits the feds make from reselling mortgage securities go to fund groups like ACORN.

Stanley Kurtz of National Review article Inside Obama's Acorn details the aggressive methods of intimidation used by ACORN, as well as a shrewd tactical strategy that has kept them below the radar nationally. Thus ACORN's radicalism and often illegal behavior garners much less attention than groups like MoveOn or Code Pink who seek the spotlight and in many ways are less radical. Kurtz refers to Sol Stern's explanation of ACORN and a reply to his explanation by John Atlas and Peter Dreier.
Do Atlas and Dreier dismiss Stern’s catalogue of Acorn’s disruptive and intentionally intimidating tactics as a set of regrettable exceptions to Acorn’s rule of civility? Not a chance. Atlas and Dreier are at pains to point out that intimidation works. They proudly reel off the increased memberships that follow in the wake of high-profile disruptions, and clearly imply that the same public officials who object most vociferously to intimidation are the ones most likely to cave as a result. What really upsets Atlas and Dreier is that Stern misses the subtle national hand directing Acorn’s various local campaigns. This is radicalism unashamed.

But don’t let the disruptive tactics fool you. Acorn is a savvy and exceedingly effective political player. Stern says that Acorn’s key postNew Left innovation is its determination to take over the system from within, rather than futilely try to overthrow it from without. Stern calls this strategy a political version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Take Atlas and Dreier at their word: Acorn has an openly aggressive and intimidating side, but a sophisticated inside game, as well. Chicago’s Acorn leader, for example, won a seat on the Board of Aldermen as the candidate of a leftist “New Party.”

This is a definitively radical organization and Mr. Blackwell correctly states that, "Mr. Obama needs to explain his involvement with them."

More Problems with ACORN and Obama's Ties to ACORN

Obama - ACORN Root Causes of Mortgage Crisis?

ARRA News Service - by Alan Gottlieb, AmeriPac: FBI Investigates U.S. Financial Crisis - Where Did $1 Trillion Go? - The high-risk subprime mortgage social engineering community service experiment by left-wing ACORN and Obama has created the largest financial crisis since The Great Depression. The full reach of the corruption and scandal may never be known but those who created it must not be rewarded. The architects, primarily left-wing Democrats, created laws, took donations, looked the other way and instead were too busy overse eing donations to their own presidential campaigns and robbing main street blind. Now these same left-wing Democrats blame everyone else and get up on their high horses and say, “we are here to save you” from the crises they created.

Yes, Mr. Obama knows a great deal about the mess. He is a central figure in the left-wing ACORN exploitation of financial institutions and pressuring them to make high risk loans. The very same left-wing ACORN was guilty of voter fraud in the last presidential election. Now these same Democrats want to do another high risk “community service,” social engineering experiment. They want to elect a high-risk, low experience, socialist one of the same community organizers that created the mess to be our next president. We cannot experiment with the office of president and learn as we go. Barack Obama is not qualified and has no history of success as a leader in government or business.

The FBI investigation - An FBI investigation is under way at Lehman Brothers and three other contributors to America’s financial crisis to determine whether they put pressure on ratings agencies to award top ratings to securities they issued. Concerns that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG or Lehman may have sought to encourage agencies to inflate their ratings — by offering higher fees or the promise of more work — form part of a broad inquiry by the bureau.

The agencies are widely regarded as having failed debt holders by attributing the top ratings to many securities that turned out to be extremely risky and have lost investors hundreds of billions of dollars. The FBI, which is also investigating whether any of the four institutions deliberately misled investors about the true health of their assets, is expected to demand that they “hold all papers and e-mails under lock and key” as it sifts through the evidence, a source said.

How did we get here? - FOLLOW THE MONEY AND CORRUPTION! A Lending Policy created by democrats for democrats run by democrats monitored by democrats enforced by community organizer democrats and profited from by democrats. Fannie and Freddie acted in response to Clinton administration pressure to boost homeownership rates among minorities and the poor. However compassionate the motive, the result of this systematic disregard for normal credit standards has been financial disaster. ONE key pioneer of ACORN's subprime-loan shakedown racket was Madeline Talbott - an activist with extensive ties to Barack Obama. She was also in on the ground floor of the disastrous turn in Fannie Mae's mortgage policies.

Obama Trains ACORN Staff in Shakedown Tactics - It would be tough to find an "on the ground" community organizer more closely tied to the subprime-mortgage fiasco than Madeline Talbott. And no one has been more supportive of Madeline Talbott than Barack Obama. When Obama was just a budding community organizer in Chicago, Talbott was so impressed that she asked him to train her personal staff. He returned to Chicago in the early '90s, just as Talbott was starting her pressure campaign on local banks. In those years, he also conducted leadership-training seminars for ACORN's up-and-coming organizers. That is, Obama was training the army of ACORN organizers who participated in Madeline Talbott's drive against Chicago's banks.

Obama Funds ACORN - More than that, Obama was funding them. As he rose to a leadership role at Chicago's Woods Fund, he became the most powerful voice on the foundation's board for supporting ACORN and other community organizers. In 1995, the Woods Fund substantially expanded its funding of community organizers - and Obama chaired the committee that urged and managed the shift.

That committee's report on strategies for funding groups like ACORN features all the key names in Obama's organizer network. The report quotes Talbott more than any other figure; Sandra Maxwell, Talbott's ACORN ally in the bank battle, was also among the organizers consulted. More, the Obama-supervised Woods Fund report acknowledges the problem of getting donors and foundations to contribute to radical groups like ACORN - whose confrontational tactics often scare off even liberal donors and foundations.

Indeed, the report brags about pulling the wool over the public's eye. The Woods Fund's claim to be "nonideological," it says, has "enabled the Trustees to make grants to organizations that use confrontational tactics against the business and government 'establishments' without undue risk of being criticized for partisanship."

Obama Aware of Intimidation Tactics - The Woods Fund report makes it clear Obama was fully aware of the intimidation tactics used by ACORN's Madeline Talbott in her pioneering efforts to force banks to suspend their usual credit standards. Yet he supported Talbott in every conceivable way. He trained her personal staff and other aspiring ACORN leaders, he consulted with her extensively, and he arranged a major boost in foundation funding for her efforts.

And, as the leader of another charity, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama channeled more funding Talbott's way - ostensibly for education projects but surely supportive of ACORN's overall efforts. In return, Talbott proudly announced her support of Obama's first campaign for state Senate, saying, "We accept and respect him as a kindred spirit, a fellow organizer." In short, to understand the roots of the subprime mortgage crisis, look to ACORN's Madeline Talbott. And to see how Talbott was able to work her mischief, look to Barack Obama.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bracelet Debate Update

ABC News looked into the controversy about whether the family of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek approved of Senator Obama wearing a bracelet with his name on it and whether they approved of him using his name publicly in the article Bracelet Wars. It appears there was some miscommunication between Jopek's parents who are divorced, but that his mother is happy with Senator Obama mentioning her son's name during the debate even though she had previously emailed the campaign and asked them not to talk about her son publicly. Her intent in giving Senator Obama the bracelet was so that he would know her son's name, which brings us back to the original problem. Senator Obama had to read Sergeant Jopek's name off his bracelet.

Obama Bracelet Debate

The Bracelet Debate Update

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Upset Obama Wears Their Son's Bracelet

NewsBusters is reporting in their article Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son's Bracelet... Where is Media? that the family of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek whose name is on the bracelet Senator Obama wears does not want him speaking about their son in public. The father Brian Jopek stated in a radio interview that the family even asked Senator Obama to stop wearing his son's bracelet.
Radio host Glenn Moberg of the show "Route 51" asked Mr. Jopek, a man who believes in the efforts in Iraq and is not in favor of Obama's positions on the war, what he and his ex-wife think of Obama continually using their son's name on the campaign trail.

Jopek began by saying that his ex-wife was taken aback, even upset, that Obama has made the death of her son a campaign issue. Jopek says his wife gave Obama the bracelet because "she just wanted Mr. Obama to know Ryan's name." Jopek went on to say that "she wasn't looking to turn it into a big media event" and "just wanted it to be something between Barack Obama and herself." Apparently, they were all shocked it became such a big deal.

Senator Obama's inability to even remember Sergeant Jopek's name during the debate made it appear that the bracelet was just a political prop. However, now with news that the family doesn't even want their son's bracelet worn by the Senator, and are upset that Senator Obama uses Sergeant Jopek name in public, makes this appear to be an incredibly cold callous political move.

The clip published yesterday in the article The Presidential Debate and the Bracelet Moment is also being discussed on other blogs.

Obama's "Watch Moment"

The Tale of Two Bracelet

I've Got a Bracelet Too

Family Upset Obama Wears Their Son's Bracelet

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Presidential Debate and the Bracelet Moment

Senator McCain talked, as he has previously, about Matthew Stanley and his family of Wolfboro, NH, and the bracelet Senator McCain wears in his honor.

Senator Obama reading the name off 'his bracelet' was tacky, and poorly done.

The story of John McCain, Matthew Stanley, and the bracelet.




We at "Let's Get This Right" http://www.letsgetthisright.com recognize
that the current economic situation is a bipartisan issue and requires
serious attention.

As President Ronald Reagan once said "You and I are told we must
choose between a left, or right, but I suggest there is no such thing
as a left or right. There is only an up or down."

We at "Let's Get this Right" agree with that statement and we
recognize that the US economy is in enormous trouble. This includes
Wall Street, the US Government, and every American living on
main-street; no one is immune to the impact of the current economic

When Wall Street needs help it turns to the government, when the
government needs help it turns to the American people and when the
American people need help, it is often too late for us to obtain help
because the government has already over spent the tax dollars, fees
and fines it collects as part of its daily function.

When it needs money for a spending bill, or a financial bailout, the
government either cuts spending somewhere, shifts spending
temporarily, raises taxes on the American people or simply prints more

Sadly, when it prints more money much of it is backed by foreign
governments and investors from countries such as Saudi Arabia, China
and others which do not share our interests, our constitutional
heritage, or our core values.

Regardless, we the people cannot afford to continue to allow the
current reckless spending practices used in Washington, nor should we
allow our country to be in debt or beholding to other nations.

Especially when the average American?s yearly income is on the decline
from which we must all pay for our taxes, insurance, gas,
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So "Let's Get This Right!"

We the undersigned DEMAND that members of the US House of
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- START investigating the roll that corporate executives, lobbyists
and politicians played in the current economic downfall to include the
use of subpoena power, and criminal prosecution where necessary.

- CONTINUE to follow these steps until anyone directly connected with
the current economic downfall is no longer in a position to do so
again; especially those who directly benefited from quid pro quo
activity, including political advocacy, legislative action, or
"sweetheart deals" such as low interest loans and campaign donations.

It is time to get back to basics. We the people could not operate our
personal budgets the way that corporations or the federal government
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Barack Obama : "Tiny threat"


ICYMI: FOX: "John is right"





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Obama's Evolving Afghanistan Excuses

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Acorn and the Economic Rescue Bill

The Hot Air article The Democratic ACORN bailout reports that a clause in the write-up for the Senator Chris Dodd's rescue bill allocated money for the Housing Trust Fund and consequently the controversial group Acorn.

1. DEPOSITS.Not less than 20 percent of any profit realized on the sale of each troubled asset purchased under this Act shall be deposited as provided in paragraph (2).
2. USE OF DEPOSITS.Of the amount referred to in paragraph (1)
1. 65 percent shall be deposited into the Housing Trust Fund established under section 1338 of the Federal Housing Enterprises Regulatory Reform Act of 1992 (12 U.S.C. 4568); and
2. 35 percent shall be deposited into the Capital Magnet Fund established under section 1339 of that Act (12 U.S.C. 4569).

REMAINDER DEPOSITED IN THE TREASURY.All amounts remaining after payments under paragraph (1) shall be paid into the General Fund of the Treasury for reduction of the public debt.

Profits? We’ll be lucky not to take a bath on the purchase of these toxic assets. If we get 70 cents on the dollar, that would be a success.

That being said, this section proves that the Democrats in Congress have learned nothing from this financial collapse. They still want to game the market to pick winners and losers by funding programs for unqualified and marginally-qualified borrowers to buy houses they may not be able to afford — and that’s the innocent explanation for this clause.

The real purpose of section D is to send more funds to La Raza and ACORN through housing welfare, via the slush fund of the HTF. They want to float their political efforts on behalf of Democrats with public money, which was always the purpose behind the HTF. They did the same thing in April in the first bailout bill, setting aside $100 million in “counseling” that went in large part to ACORN and La Raza, and at least in the former case, providing taxpayer funding for a group facing criminal charges in more than a dozen states for fraud.

Statement from Senator Lindsey Graham,


Hot Air article The Democratic ACORN bailout is worth a read.

Acorn and the Economic Rescue Bill

Major "Earmark" in Democrat Bailout Agreement

Update (9:58AM, Sept. 26th): While Sens. Harry Reid and Chris Dodd stand before the news this morning pontificating and mocking Republicans, especially Sen McCain, for the perceived delay in reaching agreement, they also continues to prevaricate. Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi initially asserted that they needed McCain to clinch a deal for Democrats and now they are like a pack rabid dogs blaming John McCain for the deal falling apart. In fact, the deal fell apart before McCain arrived.

A republican senate source has confirmed that the questioned provision reported in this post is being opposed by Senate Republicans which has upset Democrats. Republicans are not opposing the obvious issues identified by Reid. They are working to get rid of the questioned provision "if they can." Also, they have already gotten the Democrats to back down from providing "most" of the money ("future profits") to the groups mentioned in the article "to a much smaller percentage." Negotiations are likely to continue throughout the day. Obviously no one is happy - especially the majority of the American public.

Breaking News - Bill Smith, ARRA Editor. I received a copy of "Agreement in Principle" relative to the $700 billion "bailout" being proposed and supported by Senate Democrats. The one page agreement from the U.S. Senate Banking Committee details guidelines to be put in place relative to taxpayer protection, oversight and transparency, home ownership preservation and Funding Authority.

While on the surface the agreement looks generic and positive, However, the "devil is in the detail." There is one detail that Democrats are concerned that Republicans will not agree to in the bailout agreement. That is if the Republicans even see the item. It seems that this issue may be one reason that many Democrats have hounded Sen. John McCain and pushed for his speedy approval. Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-NV) has already identified that it is Sen. John McCain's approval, not Barack Obama approval, that is needed to secure the agreement of Senate Republicans. In fact, the questioned provision indirectly focus on some prior concern regarding Sen. Barack Obama involvement with various organizations. Maybe that is why Obama would prefer being at a debate in Mississippi than being in Washington D.C.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) cohorts are also hounding Sen. McCain to agree. They know that neither the House Republicans nor the House Blue Dog Democrats are going to sign on easily to an agreement extending $700 billion "bailout" if Sen. McCain disagrees. Pelosi does not have control of the fiscally conservative Blue Dogs who are not happy with committing $700 billion to the "bailout" effort.

In the "agreement in principle," there is the effect of a major "earmark" which commits money from future "profits" to be given to nonprofits organizations like ACORN, National Council of La Raza and potentially the National Urban League. This agreement clearly evidences that the Government expects to benefit in the future from the bailout when the values of property rises and mortgages or properties are then sold by the Federal government. The agreement --
"Directs a certain percentage of future profits to the Affordable Housing Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund to meet America's housing needs."
In the proposed bailout agreement, Sen. Christopher Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee and other Democrats desire to pre-direct that future funds (profits) not be returned to the taxpayers via the treasury but that they be used to underwrite potential questionable (maybe even illegal activities) of certain nonprofits which have had a hand in promoting and expanding access to "no money down" loans for minorities, illegal voter registrations and extensive lobbying activities.

Let’s examine the connection of the Affordable Housing Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund with the various nonprofit groups mentioned above. In July, 2008, a Wall Street Journal article addressed the previous housing bill signed into law:

Provide[d] a stream of billions of dollars for distressed homeowners and communities and the nonprofit groups that serve them. One of the biggest likely beneficiaries, despite Republican objections is Acorn, a housing advocacy group that also helps lead ambitious voter-registration efforts benefiting Democrats. Acorn -- made up of several legally distinct groups under that name -- has become an important player in the Democrats' effort to win the White House. Its voter mobilization arm is co-managing a $15.9 million campaign with the group Project Vote to register 1.2 million low-income Hispanics and African-Americans, who are among those most likely to vote Democratic. Technically nonpartisan, the effort is one of the largest such voter-registration drives on record.

The organization's main advocacy group lobbied hard for passage of the housing bill, which provides nearly $5 billion for affordable housing, financial counseling and mortgage restructuring for people and neighborhoods affected by the housing meltdown. A third Acorn arm, its housing corporation, does a large share of that work on the ground. Acorn's multiple roles show how two fronts of activism -- housing for the poor and voter mobilization -- have converged closely in this election year. The fortunes of both parties will hinge in part on their plans for addressing the fall of the nation's housing market and the painful economic slowdown. . . .

Partly because of the role of Acorn and other housing advocacy groups, the White House and its allies in Congress resisted Democrats' plans to include money for a new affordable-housing trust fund and $4 billion in grants to restore housing in devastated neighborhoods. In the end, the money stayed in the bill; the White House saw little choice. What most riles Republicans about the bill is the symbiotic relationship between the Democratic Party and the housing advocacy groups, of which Acorn is among the biggest. Groups such as the National Council of La Raza and the National Urban League also lobby to secure government-funded services for their members and seek to move them to the voting booth. Acorn has been singled out for criticism because of its reach, its endorsements of Democrats, and past flaws in its bookkeeping and voter-registration efforts that its detractors in Congress have seized upon. . . .

Sen. Obama is especially reliant on registration drives, such as Acorn's with Project Vote, to help him win the White House. The Illinois Democrat draws his strongest support from blacks, Hispanics and young people, groups that are among the least likely to be registered. After law school, Sen. Obama was the director of Project Vote in Chicago. . . .

Democrats on Capitol Hill have helped to steer millions of dollars in housing and other grants from the federal government toward Acorn and groups like it. The groups must qualify and compete for the money, which is typically doled out from the federal government to states and municipalities. The housing package includes a new, permanent source of affordable-housing money that congressional Democrats and grassroots groups have sought for years. The Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund will be funded by a tax on mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored mortgage titans.

That tax eventually will channel upwards of $600 million annually in grants for developing and restoring housing, mostly as low-income rentals, available to Acorn and other groups. Democrats on Capitol Hill and housing groups say the housing-assistance money is vital to helping Americans hit hardest by what some call the largest drop in home values since the Great Depression. But they acknowledge the perception of political conflict in giving federal funds to an organization that does political work. "We are guarding against it," said Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank in an interview. He secured the Affordable Housing Trust from his seat as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. . . .

Acorn describes itself as the nation's largest grassroots community organization, with more than 400,000 families organized into 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities. Over four decades, Acorn has turned its broad membership into a powerful lobbying tool. Its representatives are well-known in the marble halls of the Capitol, and press local, state and federal governments . . .

ACORN is the agency where Sen. Barack Obama worked as a trainer for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN), whose affiliate, Project Vote, is known for voter fraud. It is this same organization from which a large part of the mortgage mess has grown. After Harvard Law School, Obama provided legal representation for ACORN. Obama sat on the boards of the philanthropic Woods Foundation and the Joyce Foundation which both funneled millions of dollars to ACORN.

In 2006, the Wall Street Journal addressed Acorn Indictments. In a recent article, additional complaints, indictments and arrests and conviction of ACORN members for voter fraud have been detailed for Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington State, and Wisconsin. Democrats on Capitol Hill have steered billions of the taxpayer monies to risky ventures and to nonprofits organizations like ACORN, National Council of La Raza through the government’s Affordable Housing Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund. As a result groups like ACORN have developed powerful lobby groups to secure tax money for their organizations. Now the proposed "agreement in principle" for the $700 Billion "bailout" seeks to continue the protection of this process. In another article by James H. Walsh, a former federal prosecutor, it was noted that:
ACORN Housing Corporation (AHC) was instrumental in its passage of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) which has plagued the mortgage markets since 1977. The U.S. Congress through the CRA compelled banks and lending institutions to make loans to “communities of color” disregarding sound economic and risk guidelines. CRA encouraged the relaxing of “outdated” risk-management protocols and underwriting obligations by lending institutions. In the name of ending discrimination, no longer were “communities of color” required to provide verification of income, employment, credit history, ability to pay homeowner bills, or down payment. In response, many banks and mortgage groups bundled trillions of dollars of “subprime” loans and sold them to investors here and abroad. It is these bundled Community Reinvestment Act mortgages, doomed to fail, that are today causing financial strain in U.S. and global financial markets.

In short, a Democrat Congress and President demanded that banks change the rules of good banking and open the Pandora’s Box of mortgage defaults and foreclosures now coming to a head. This home-parity concept of the radical left was mobilized by ACORN resulting in a purchase of a property without any credit, income, employment, and a zero down payment.

In 2003, Fannie Mae home-parity funding in Chicago reached $600 billion. When Franklin Raines, former chair and CEO of Fannie Mae, stepped down in 2004 but managed to take with him a multimillion-dollar parachute and a monthly pension of $114, 393 for life, and should he die, for his wife’s lifetime. Until recently, Raines was an advisor to Obama.
Open Secrets reveals the investment made by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Democrats and details the Top 25 Democrat Recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributions in 1989-2008. The top three in order were Senators Christopher Dodd, John Kerry and Barack Obama.

When government tries to fix social issues through the use of the taxpayers’ money, there are consequences. Now the American taxpayers are being called upon again to underwrite the problems exacerbated by the prior actions of former and the current Congress and past administrations. It is hoped that Senators and Representatives will avoid this massive "earmark." All "future profits" from the resolution and disposition of the alleged current bad mortgages ("bad paper"), should accrue to the American taxpayers as a whole and be returned to the Treasury. Any determination as to the use of "future profits" should be determined by those elected and representing the people at that future point in time. No agreements should include an obligation on the potential "future profits." No agreements should support questionable programs that support organizations that contributed to the failures of mortgages or to the bad lending practices promoted by prior Congresses and administrations.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plant City, Florida "Bike Fest" Bikers For McCain

Plant City, Florida "Bike Fest"
Date: Oct. 4th 2008
Time: 5:00 P.M. to 8: 00 P.M.

Our McCain/Palin Headquarters is located right in the center of the Bike Fest.

Bikes will parked all along the street in front of our office.

Plant City puts on a great Bike Fest with bands, food, all kinds of vendors and this one will think this one will be even better than normal as it is the 6th Anniversary of the Bike Fest in our beautiful small town America.

There are usually somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 bikes in town.


Thanks again,

For details on other events visit Let's Get This Right

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Bold Leadership

With the markets in turmoil and a bill and a bailout package up for debate in Congress, Senator McCain has suspended his campaign and returned to Washington to work on the bill. Last night prior to Senator McCain's decision to return to Washington ABC's George Stephanopoulos reported,
ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports: If Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain doesn't vote for the Bush administration's $700 billion economic bailout plan, some Republican and Democratic congressional leaders tell ABC News the plan won't pass.

"If McCain doesn't come out for this, it's over," a Top House Republican tells ABC News.

A Democratic leadership source says that White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten has been told that
Democratic votes will not be there if McCain votes no -- that there is no deal if McCain doesn't go along.

With the ball in Senator McCain's court, and concerns about the President's current proposal, Senator McCain is heading back to Washington. The debates and future campaign events are in limbo, as this bold decision has put a priority on the economic package.

Bold Leadership from John McCain


John McCain has temporarily ended his campaign so that he can go to Washington to help lawmakers fix the credit crisis. In a statement released today, John McCain said, "I am calling on the President to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself. It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem."

Because of this, McCain cancelled an appearance on Letterman, and has been in constant communication with Barack Obama so that they can deal with the crisis together.

The Friday debate will most likely be postponed. Check my other blog for a potential follow-up.

Speak Out Against Media Bias

The McCain Palin 2008 blog is sponsoring a petition protesting media bias with the support of groups/sites across the political spectrum. While many have witnessed a decisive pro-Obama slant in this news reporting during this election, this bias became glaringly apparent when Governor Palin was selected as the vice-presidential nominee. Whether it is an organization like the New York Times having to retract stories about Governor Palin because they printed rumor and not fact; networks investigating the children of the Governor; or network pundits questioning the Governor's 'mothering' skills, this over-the-top behavior and blatant bias is unacceptable. With over 1200 people having already signed we urge all readers to speak out against an irresponsible media by signing the following petition.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Joe Biden: I do NOT approve of this message

Joe Biden is mad at Barack Obama.

The ad in question showed images of an earlier McCain from the '70s, an old computer, and a disco party. Here was some dialogue of the ad:

"He admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer, can't send an e-mail."

Barack Obama, did you know that John McCain cannot type due to inguries that he received in Vietnam? How disrespectful.

At least Joe Biden is trying to run an honest, respectable campaign.

Barack Obama:
Ready to lead: No.
Ready to smear: Yes

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Positive Signs for the McCain Campaign

1. Base united and energized with Palin pick.

2. Strong support from both Independents and Democrats.

3. Obama's money advantage is shrinking. Party money combine with campaign money makes the money race extremely close.

4. During primaries Obama tended to poll better than he performed except in blowout situations. McCain tended to perform better over even with polls.

5. The youth vote is fickle, the senior vote is not. While no one knows who will turn out in the end, stats say the person who has consistently voted over the years will show up on election day, while first time voters don't have a strong turn out record.

6. The debates are coming. Question and answer is McCain's strong suite, and not Obama's.

7. Volunteer efforts are improved. State volunteer info - Phone from home volunteer info.

8. Energy - Winter's coming and as Dems stall on the energy bill, and people have to pay for heating oil, gasoline, and electricity; the 'do everything' approach of Republicans, already popular, will likely gain more traction as the days get shorter and colder.

9. McCain is a closer. Looking at the primaries as a guide McCain was behind almost the entire election except for election day. Obama, on the other hand, had a burst at the beginning, but had trouble closing out the race even when the numbers were decisively in his favor.

10. The VP picks. Palin brings excitement and energy, no one pays any attention to Biden except when he sticks his foot in his mouth.

Positive Signs for the McCain Campaign

Friday, September 19, 2008

Increased Taxes Obama Biden Patriotic Act

Clinton Supporter for McCain - CNN Mad

Speak Out - Contact CNN

FactCheck Sex-Ed Ad Response - Correction Still Needed

FactCheck.org has followed up on emails rebuking their article on the McCain ad ‘Education’ with a statement that says in part,

'We also never wrote that Obama said class material about 'inappropriate touching' was the main purpose of the bill. Our article said that 'Obama has also said he does not support, ‘explicit sex education to children in kindergarten’ and that Obama made it clear that at least one reason he supported the bill was that it would help teach young kids to recognize inappropriate behavior and pedophiles."

Factcheck also categorizes the ad as false because it states that it was Senator Obama’s ‘one achievement’ in education. It is true that Senator Obama did not achieve the passage of this legislation, and may be able to account for other education successes. Also, the previous article should have been more clear in stating that it was Senator Obama that stated the bill was about ‘inappropriate touching’ not FactCheck. However, there are still major problems in FactCheck’s story.

They state outright in their response. "Obama has also said he does not support, ‘explicit sex education to children in kindergarten’." The ad does not state that Senator Obama does support ‘explicit sex education to children in kindergarten’ that is solely Factcheck’s own interpretation. Yet this is repeated as proof that the ad is false as they later refute their own interpretation by saying, "But Obama has also said he does not support, 'explicit sex education to children in kindergarten." That’s fine, but it has nothing to do with the McCain ad.

Second, as they state in their rebuttal and in their original article, "Obama 'made it clear that at least one reason he supported the bill was that it would help teach young kids to recognize inappropriate behavior and pedophiles." Again, this has nothing to do with the McCain ad. Motive was never discussed in the ad and Factcheck misleads about the content of the ad by refutiating a claim not made in the ad.

Finally, Factcheck refutes the ad as having cherry picked quotes about Obama’s record. Well, welcome to politics. The statements are all verified, but FactCheck explains that those sources frequently did not have glowing reviews of McCain’s education plan either. Certainly that is fair to point out, but that does no make the ad false.

The one claim they are able to back up is the statement in the ad saying that this bill is Senator Obama’s ‘only accomplishment’ in education. They cite three ammendments to a bill that Senator Obama worked on that were aproved by unanimous consent. As Factcheck states, "Whether or not one considers any of these measures earth-shaking, they’re accomplishments nonetheless." Point taken.

I appreciate that FactCheck has responded to complaints about their article. However, I am still disappointed in the lack of actual fact checking within their article. Please read their response and email them at Editor@Factcheck.org if you agree that their article is still off base.

For clarity here are the basic complaints:

1. The statement, "Obama has also said he does not support, ‘explicit sex education to children in kindergarten’." is an interpretation by Factcheck of the McCain ad, the ad itself does not claim that Senator Obama does support ‘explicit sex education to children in kindergarten’

2. The reason Senator Obama supported this bill is irrelevant. The ad never states the reason for Senator Obama’s support, and this makes Factcheck’s article misleading.

3. Cherry picked quotes do not make an ad false. Certainly fair to point out context, but the quotes were not false, and they do not make the ad false.

4. If Factcheck wants to claim the article is false because it was not Senator Obama’s only educational accomplishment than that is a legitimate complaint. However, in that case the article needs extensive editing as that is the only argument where they have provided any real evidence.

FactCheck Sex-Ed Ad Response - Correction Still Needed

Sine Nobilitas - The Snobbery of Campbell Brown Meets the Dignity of Lady Lynn - Nolo Contendere

You, who despise your neighbour, are a Snob; you, who forget your own
friends, meanly to follow after those of a higher degree, are a Snob;
you, who are ashamed of your poverty, and blush for your calling, are
a Snob; as are you who boast of your pedigree, or are proud of your
William Make Peace Thackeray - The Book of Snobs

The Tune-up of Campbell Brown, the doe-eyed Reader at CNN ( The Cable Network trying desperately to overtake MSNBC-The Tool Shed, the Gold Standard in Stupid) by Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild is hotly served up by my pal The Yid With Lid

After repeated attempts to embarrass Lynn - she is a New Jersey Gal, who by dint of talent did what most Americans do - made a living and married for Love. She fell in love with Baron Evelyn de Rothschild. Hell she could have as easily fallen in love with Smash McKenna a Heat & Frost Insulator who makes a pretty good buck as a Union Man! Campbell Brown is a TV News Reader and lives under the delusion that the script she reads matters a whit to most Americans.

The Media are the Snobs of 21st Century America. They are the dividers and weasels - they pick the fights that others engage, and carp and whine and lie and weasel and wiggle when called out. They shout, they retreat, they slap, but can not deliver, nor take a punch.

Campbell Brown got Lynn's knuckles between her vapid lamps and found herself starched on the canvass. Here's the knockout punch:

DE ROTHSCHILD: You know what, Campbell? Barack Obama went and he called the people who have guns and cling to their religion bitter. The people out, you know, who are the rednecks or whoever are bitter. If bitter is the easiest way for you to rationalize that I truly with all my heart believe that John McCain will be a great president, then call me bitter. But it doesn't really advance the dialogue, Campbell, sorry.

BROWN: All right.

Well, thank you for being here, Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Appreciate your time tonight.

Stagger -eyes roll back - Night,Night, Campbell.

Lynn, if you and Evelyn are on 106th & Western Ave., stop into Keegan's Pub. We'd love to by you Ev a couple of pints, or shooters. Nice knuckles Kid!

Campbell - you never laid a glove on her.








It's a big difference from another war fought on foreign soil more than 35 years ago.

Still, the transition from battleground to hometown will not be an easy one for many returning veterans. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE STORY!!

Thank you

Sheridan Folger

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Protest The Media’s Melt Down Over Sex-Ed Ad

In the National Review article On Sex-Ed Ad, McCain Is Right, Byron York not only points out how the media bought the Obama campaign's rhetoric about the sex-ed ad, but they then added a large portion of their own self-righteous outrage.
“The kindergarten ad flat-out lies,” wrote the New York Times, arguing that “at most, kindergarteners were to be taught the dangers of sexual predators.” The Washington Post wrote that “McCain’s ‘Education’ Spot is Dishonest, Deceptive.” And in a column in The Hill, the influential blogger Josh Marshall called the sex-education spot “a rancid, race-baiting ad based on [a] lie. Willie Horton looks mild by comparison.”

Even factcheck.org presented the Obama campaign's view point, adding their own interpretation, "Obama, contrary to the ad's insinuation, does not support explicit sex education for kindergarteners." The ad is a series of sourced quotes which factcheck.org does not deny are legitimate. Insinuations are not a facts, and factcheck.org bases their critique of the ad off the insinuation that Obama supported 'explicit' sex education for kindergarteners. However, that is not a claim of that ad.

Factcheck and the media felt compelled to express outrage at this ad, but never relayed the substance of the bill. As Byron York reported, "The fact is, the bill’s intention was to mandate that issues like contraception and the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases be included in sex-education classes for children before the sixth grade, and as early as kindergarten. Obama’s defenders may howl, but the bill is what it is."

As noted in a previous article CNN continued to call the McCain ad a lie even after the National Review article was published. They clearly had not read the text of the bill, but expressed their outrage anyways. Please contact CNN at Election Center and/or Headline News to demand a retraction and an apology for falsely claiming the McCain campaign lied, and please urge others to do the same.

Also, contact factcheck.org at Editor@FactCheck.org and let them know they got his one wrong by interpreting the ad and judging intent, and not reporting on the content and purpose of the bill.

Protest The Media’s Melt Down Over Sex-Ed Ad

Obama Lead in Illinois Drops to 6%

By Columbus Day, Obama willbe behind in Illinois! You heard it here first, Kids!

On Wednesday, the American Research Group released polling data on the State of Illinois showing Senator Obama's lead dropping to just 6 points - 51%-45%. The poll conducted by ARG polled 600 likely voters in Illinois with a 4% margin of error.

Although, I believe it is unlikely that Obama could ever lose Illinois, simply because of the "North of I-80 vote", the poll is significant because it's highlights Obama's failure to attract the wider populous of Illinois as the candidate has not enjoyed a margin greater than that of Kerry or Gore since this past February.

In 2000, Gore won Illinois by 12 points; in 2004, Kerry won by 10 points. In both cases, George Bush overwhelmingly won throughout the state but was unable to overcome the nearly 40% of the votes flowing from Cook County. In February, Obama enjoyed as much as a 29 point lead only to see those numbers decrease to 15 points by August.

Obama will win Illinois, but if he is unable to attract a wide margin in his home state, then Obama may be in trouble nationally. The Obama campaign has taken notice of this poll, as Obama made a personal phone call to his political mentor, Emil Jones, on Wednesday to ask the Illinois Senate Leader to allow a vote on stalled ethics reforms.

Illinois is representative of the future of an Obama representative. After 6 years of Chicago Political control, the state has failed to pass a balanced budget and this year has chosen to privatize the states lottery system, layoff state employees and close state parks and historical sites, including reduced operations of President Lincolns' Tomb. Illinois revenue has grown during the past six years only to be offset by more than $10 billion in additional state programs that threaten to bankrupt the state. Illinois has consistently at the bottom of all states in job growth and economic growth, while raising operating fees on businesses throughout the state.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make CNN Retract

In last nights CNN broadcast Cambell Brown, Jeffery Toobin, and others called the McCain campaign’s ad about Senator Obama’s support for a bill for ‘comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners’ a lie. One problem, they’re wrong. The text of the bill states,

"Each class or course in comprehensive sex education in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV."

They repeated the Obama campaign’s explanation that the bill was about ‘inappropriate touching’. Second problem, there is no reference to ‘inappropriate touching’ in the bill. Byron York of National Review researched this bill and provides and an explantion along with the text of the bill in his article On Sex-Ed Ad, McCain is Right. However, when this article was brought up during last night’s CNN broadcast it was dismissed.

CNN didn’t do their homework and they should appologize and retract their statement that the McCain campaign lied.

Contact CNN and demand a retraction.

Cambell Brown/Election Center Feedback Form

Report an error/Headline News feedback form

Make CNN Retract

Donna Brazile 'Obama didn’t lose;The country just wasn’t ready' Diva of Dimwits!

Democrats are 'wetting the bed' says Obama Meister Dave Plouffe! Given the level of testosterone owned by the collective metrosexual population of the DNC - yep.

However it is the Dem Diva - Donna Brazile who gives pause - Obama Loses it is America's fault. Nice.

Michigan polls tank and the DNC/Camp Obama orders a preemptive hissy-fit - GOP could be cheating with Caging. Call foul before you lose and you can not lose.

The Deacon Blue of DemoVictims Everywhere Donna Brazile let's fly to Roger 'I Love MSNBC - really, but I still need to be taken seriously' Simon:

She believes Obama “should get back to issues, instead of talking about change.”

“People still have lingering doubts about Obama as to whether he can be trusted as commander in chief,” Brazile said. “I thought his campaign would have more meat on the bones by now. They did great job at the convention, but it was short-lived.”

She said that at times “Obama’s voice is strong and articulate, but people don’t feel attached to him, and they have got to feel attached to him. That would answer some racial aspects that simmer below the radar and sometimes percolate over the top.”

“He has had some moments where he seems unsure of his own voice,” Brazile said, “but I still think he can pull this off.”

And if he doesn’t?

“If he doesn’t, then Obama didn’t lose,” she said. “The country just wasn’t ready.


MSNBC - The Tool Shed Still Tanking - Olbermann Taking Down Maddow

It is nice to see that others do not see MSNBC as the place to be on Cable TV. I seems to me, that NBC, would better be, without these three -Keith, Butch and Milky.

The Nielsons ratings show MSNBC -The Tool Shed ( More Tools Than Sears Hardware Centers) - which must be spending hefty nickels to allow the three most obnoxious loudmouths talk down their noses at America - Matthews, Olberman and Maddow.

While the full daytime hourly data is not covered here, we hear CNBC averaged 488K viewers between 5am to 7pm on Monday, a very brutal day for the stock market. Some might expect more viewers for CNBC when such a big market event is going on, but I’m not sure if a very bearish day on the stock market produces good ratings. A catastrophic weather event will bring more viewers to The Weather Channel, but perhaps people are more comfortable watching other people’s houses float down the street than they are watching their own stock portfolios bleed dry. I might just be a cynic though.

As it was, CNBC averaged 68% more viewers on Monday 9/15 than it did on Monday 9/8.

Now check out the Primetime losses by MSNBC.

7PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith – 2,141,000 viewers (453,000) (983,000)
Lou Dobbs–1,318,000 viewers (494,000) (687,000)
Hardball w/Chris Matthews–1,045,000 viewers (382,000) (475,000)
**Crisis on Wall Street (7PM-10PM)—406,000 viewers (166,000) (235,000)
Glenn Beck – 566,000 viewers (238,000) (354,000)

8PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor- 3,530,000 viewers (773,000) (1,546,000)
Election Center–1,172,000 viewers (456,000) (588,000)
Countdown w/Keith Olbermann– 1,734,000 viewers (571,000) (765,000)
Nancy Grace –1,321,000 viewers (586,000) (787,000)

9 PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity & Colmes–2,826,000 viewers (633,000) (1,183,000)
Larry King—1,692,000 viewers (538,000) (769,000)
Rachel Maddow Show–1,545,000 viewers (500,000) (726,000)
Glenn Beck- 625,000 viewers (285,000) (421,000)

10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
On the Record w/Greta—2,517,000 viewers (603,000) (1,185,000)
Anderson Cooper 360–1,610,000 viewers (622,000) (809,000)
Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann–857,000 viewers (315,000) (460,000)
**CNBC Asia (10PM-1AM)—187,000 viewers (96,000) (108,000)
Nancy Grace –762,000 viewers (353,000) (422,000)

11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor–1,625,000 viewers (438,000) (797,000)
Anderson Cooper 360—1,026,000 viewers (373,000) (507,000)
Rachel Maddow Show–530,000 viewers (155,000) (207,000)
Showbiz Tonight– 516,000 viewers (206,000) (246,000)

MSNBC has helped create a parallel universe - Ratings tanling for MSNBC = Poll Pkunge for Obama/Biden.

Keith, Milky, and Butch! Keep up the great work!

Where's Joe?

After all the media claims that Senator McCain was irresponsible to pick Governor Palin as his VP, and all the articles questioning whether Palin had been adequately vetted, the irony is not just that Palin is a big hit, it's that no one has heard from Senator Biden since the convention (except when he told a man in a wheelchair to stand up, and stated that Hillary Clinton would have been a better VP pick.) Maybe the same questions should be asked of Senator Obama about his VP pick that were asked of Senator McCain. Here are a few to start with.

Do you agree with you VP pick that Senator Clinton would have been a better selection?

Does picking a VP that is known as the Senator of MBNA discredit your argument that about being a new style politics not tied to lobbyist (Biden's son)?

Senator Biden is known to be gaffe prone. Do you think Governor Palin could have gotten a pass by the media if she had told a handicapped man to stand up, or declared that another Republican would have made a better VP pick?

Does Senator Biden, one of the longest serving Senators, really represent change?

Do you really believe Senator Biden's experience is transferable to you?

Wouldn't it be more appropriate for Senator Biden to be at the top of the ticket, and you be in the two slot?

Where is Senator Biden? Are you hiding him?

Where's Joe?

McCain/Palin: Obama Gives Up Michigan? Already? - Witness the Preemptive 'They Cheated -or They Will' in Michigan

Seeing a tanking in the polls the well poisoners dumped this one out in Michigan:

The Michigan Republican party has threatened its own legal action over the matter, accusing a liberal blog of fabricating the quote from a party official that prompted the Democratic suit.

The Michigan Messenger, a liberal blog, reported that Macomb County Republican chairman James Carabelli had told a contributor to their site that the party had a list of homes in foreclosure and would “make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses” – a comment he denies ever making.

The blog and its sponsor, the nonprofit Center for Independent Media, are standing by the story.

Obama general counsel Bob Bauer told reporters Tuesday that the campaign, the Democratic National Committee and three Michigan residents whose homes were in foreclosure had filed suit in federal court in the state, charging that the alleged comment, and other similar remarks by Republican officials in other states, indicated the GOP planned to practice a form of “voter caging” to prevent legal voters from casting ballots.

“It is an absolute attack on their right to vote,” said Bauer. “…This is a standard operating procedure within the Republican party that’s been under legal challenge.” He added that the suit would give them the ability to subpoena memos and e-mails to prove the allegation.

Caging is the practice of sending mass mailings marked with “do not forward” instructions to a list of addresses, and using any returned letters as the basis for challenging a voter who claims that address as their legal residence. Michigan law allows individuals who have lost their homes within two months of Election Day to cast a ballot in their old precinct.

Rep. Maxine Waters of California raised the same concern Wednesday at a hearing with FBI Director Robert Mueller – who said he would alert the Justice Department, but was not aware of any threats to block voter access.

Carabelli, the Republican official credited with the original comment, said the story was fabricated and had “irrevocably harmed” his reputation.

“It’s not true, and I want a full and complete retraction of the quote, and I am taking legal action to get it,” he said in a statement released by the Michigan Republican Party Tuesday. “Let me state, again and unequivocally, there is no such plan to use foreclosure lists to challenger voters, and I never said there was. This is a story line being pushed by one liberal blog, the Obama campaign, and their friends and operatives on the Left.”

I listend to the full Potus show last night via the radio. Big Panic in Camp Obama it seems to me. By all appearances, a blogger linked to the Independent Media Center which churns out lefty op-research like last spring's 'Catholic School Girls Against the War' assault on worshippers at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral on Easter Sunday, wanted to make her martyr bones and its seems that Camp Obama wants the well poisoned well before the landslide on its way on November 4th, 2008.

Stay tuned: Michigan Republicans are gearing up for a libel suit.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

National Review: On Sex-Ed Ad McCain is Right

The media has been livid about the sex-ed ad that the McCain campaign ran saying that Obama supported 'comprehesive sexual education for kindegardeners'. They have reported the Obama campaign's statements that said that the bill had to do with teaching kids about 'inappropriate touching.' The National Review researched the bill and found out that the Obama campaign and the media are wrong. There is no reference to inappropriate touching, but their is to comprehensive sex education for kindegardeners. The bill states...
Each class or course in comprehensive sex education in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.

National Review: On Sex-Ed Ad McCain is Right

McCain on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Economic Crisis

Monday, September 15, 2008

CNN Spins Again

CNN Headline, "Rove: McCain Went To Far". Now for the reality. Rove said both campaigns were pushing their ads too far. Don't believe me, listen to the tape...

CNN apparently suffers from selective hearing as Karl Rove thought the lipstick remark was inappropriate and then he said both campaigns have taken their ads one step too far. However, CNN is only interested in the part of the statement that is critical of McCain. 'The Most Trusted Name in News?' Really?

CNN Spins Again

McCain Palin Take on Economic Crisis

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Latest Ad

John McCain Right About theSurge

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Slate of Candidates - Focuses on Florida

Let's Get This RightBoston, MA - The National Leadership Team of Let's Get This Right, a coalition of conservative political activists, announced today the endorsement of four additional candidates for US Congress. The candidates are Congressman Vern Buchanan, (FL-13th), Ed Lynch, (FL-19th), Lt. Col. Allen West, U.S. Army (Ret.), (FL-22nd) and Dr. Marion Thorpe, MD. (FL- 23rd.)

The announcement was made on a conference call to reporters and bloggers with Co- Executive Directors Sheridan B. Folger and M. Brad Marston, National Political Director Dr. Bill Smith and Florida Political Director, Yomin Postelnik. Let's Get This Right has previously endorsed Congressman Gus Bilirakis, (FL-9th) for re-election as well as thirteen other candidates for the US House and Senate.

In announcing the endorsement Dr. Smith stated that all four candidates are "strong fiscal conservatives who espouse smaller government and market based solutions to issues such as healthcare and job creation."According to Mr. Postelnik, the decision to support these candidates was due to their commitment to ethics and to the community at large. Congressman Buchanan has been a pillar of fiscal and moral responsibility and Candidates West, Thorpe and Lynch represent platforms of true reform and have made tremendous inroads into minority and disadvantaged communities.

Mr. Folger noted that all had "been targeted by the Democratic National Congressional Committee for defeat." The DNCC has committed to significant television ad buys in these districts. Their Democratic opponents have also received "significant amounts of P.A.C. money from groups outside of Florida. "Supporting congressional candidates in key battleground states is a major part of our overall strategy of running a unified campaign at the grassroots/netroots level" added Mr. Marston.
Press inquiries should be directed to Florida Political Director, Yomin Postelnik at 1-954-946-4442 or mediarelations@LetsGetThisRight.com . Let's Get This Right is a political networking organization dedicated to promoting the conservative principles of the Republican Party and candidates who support them. Let's Get This Right raises funds for candidates through www.Slatecard.com, a federally registered PAC.

Al Franken: Unfit For Office

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Al Franken says "I'm very proud of my career." What exactly is Franken proud of? His rape jokes? His foul mouth? His anger? His racist porn? His porn-o-rama?Rape jokes, porn and foul-mouthed anger do not make for "good training" for the United States Senate. More at http://www.FranklyFranken.com

Is McCain/Palin In Obama's Head?

Obama and his campaign have been showing signs of having been rattled by the VP pick of Palin. However, there were signs before the VP selection that the Obama campaign could be rattled. First, the celebrity ad. Outrage, and cries of foul abounded over an ad that basically poked fun at Obama's celebrity and his legions of euphoric supporters. Second, Saddleback. Not the event itself, but the cries of cheating that came from the Obama campaign. It couldn't be that McCain outperformed Obama there must have been foul play. So the Obama campaign screams cheater because Senator McCain wasn't hermetically sealed in in a sound proof pod, or 'cone of silence'. Their reaction was both foolish, and a sign that even minor victories by the McCain campaign could rattle them. However, the pre-Palin kicker is that someone convinced Senator Obama to give a mediocre acceptance speech. What is the one area where Senator Obama has a decisive edge? Speech making; and he under-performed. How that happened should be studied in political science classes in years to come, because forfeiting a strength in any arena is flat crazy.

Then comes the VP picks. Obama doesn't want Clinton, and chooses a candidate to help him appear more experienced so he picks Biden. McCain supporters chuckle as Senator Biden is a legendary 'Gaffe Machine'. Everyone else yawns. Good guy, fairly safe pick, but no one really cares. Then it's McCain's turn. Everyone is predicting Romney or Pawlenty, both safe choices, but again not terribly exciting. The McCain campaign keeps the pick completely secret, and then Palin explodes on the scene. She gave a good opening speech, but there were a lot of questions about her still to be addressed. The Obama campaign immediately took a shot at her, but then retracted the statement as harsh and unnecessary. The media loses its mind. Certainly that's not the Obama camps fault, but their obvious Obama bias and hysterical reaction to Palin does not help their favorite candidate. Clumsily the Obama campaign chimed in with cracks about her experience as a small town mayor, and dismissed her experience as a sitting Governor. This opened the door for Palin to clock Obama on his community organizer experience during her acceptance speech, which was such a powerful speech that it made the media and Obama look foolish for their attacks.

Since then the Obama campaign has struggled to get its bearings. First, Obama acted horrified that Palin challenged his community organizer experience, when he had really set himself up. Then his campaign had a meltdown over Palin's comment that she had pulled the plug on the 'Bridge to No Where'. Instead of criticizing Palin's original support for a different version of the bridge, or questioning what that money should have been spent on after the project was dead, the Obama campaign instead freaked out. They called Palin a liar, they called the McCain/Palin ticket corrupt, yet in the end Palin did pull the plug on the 'Bridge to No Where' and the Obama campaign's over-reaction looked foolish and unstable. Then comes Senator Obama's 'Lipstick on a pig' comment. One can argue intent all day long, however, there is little argument that the comment was incredibly stupid. Particularly, since in the same day he made another comment about a 'stinking fish', and another campaign member also referenced lipstick in a less than flattering way. For someone who is typically graceful in his use of language, "The fierce urgency of now", "We are not red states or blue states, we are the United States", talking about lipstick on pigs after Palin made a lipstick joke during her speech is at best sloppy and out of character.

Today the fumbling continues. An ad criticizing Senator McCain's out of date attire from 1982, and challenging his apparent internet ineptitude has to be one of the weakest attack ads put out in years. Maybe that helps him somehow with the youth vote, but he already has the youth vote. Most people over the age of 30 know at some point in their lives they've worn a silly outfit, and/or had a bad hair day. As for lack of internet experience, who cares? It's an odd argument that I can't imagine helps the campaign. The Obama campaign has abandoned their 'new politics' argument for random and silly attacks. It's not just that they're struggling since the Palin pick and the convention, its that they're panicking. They're only down a few points in the polls, the real problem isn't the numbers it's that the McCain/Palin ticket has them completely flustered.

Is McCain/Palin in Obama's Head?