Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good thing that this man is not running for VP with Obama

Have you seen this clip of VA Governor Tim Kaine?
I can't believe that he doesn't know his own state. To think that Obama almost picked him to be VP is rather sad.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Remote Control - Democrats Quoted

Sarah Palin VP Pick

Fox News is reporting Sarah Palin is the VP Pick. A hat tip to Adam at Palin for VP for promoting Sarah Palin all over the internet. Here’s some Palin info from Adam’s Palin for VP.

What I had failed to realize was that she had habitually knocked of powerful incumbent opponents and was a quick learner on the job. In the 2006 gubernatorial election, she rolled over scandal-prone incumbent Frank Murkowski in the GOP primary, then went on to defeat former governor Tony Knowles in the general election - pretty impressive. Further back, she had knocked off an entrenched incumbent to become mayor of Wasilla, then developed a reputation as a hard-nosed, effective mayor. Her performance in Wasilla got her elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors and earned her the nickname “Sarah Barracuda”.

In the end, I decided that Sarah Palin had actually compiled a rather astounding record of achievements in her 42 years, and was more than capable of making the jump to the national level. So now I ask you who you would rather have as your Vice-President. You could accept conventional wisdom and choose from the lineup of old men currently being bantered about, or you could choose an inspiring leader like Sarah Palin. As for me, I’m going with “Sarah Barracuda”, a candidate who will help us win the election and then deliver solid results.
Selected quotes from

FREE MARKET – “I am a conservative Republican, a firm believer in free market capitalism. A free market system allows all parties to compete, which ensures the best and most competitive project emerges, and ensures a fair, democratic process.”

EDUCATION – Click here to read Gov. Palin’s full position paper on Education.

GUNS AND HUNTING - “I am a lifetime member of the NRA, I support our Constitutional right to bear arms and am a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska’s youth….I have always strongly supported the personal use of fish and game by Alaskans. I grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska, and I am proud to raise my children with this same uniquely Alaskan heritage. … Anti-hunting groups who oppose hunting and fishing rights will be the winners if we allow them to pit us against ourselves….As an Alaskan with strong beliefs on this issue, I am confident in my ability to build consensus among diverse user groups and reconcile the many competing interests in a manner.”

SMALL BUSINESS – “As Mayor and CEO of the booming city of Wasilla, my team invited investment and encouraged business growth by eliminating small business inventory taxes, eliminated personal property taxes, reduced real property tax mill levies every year I was in office, reduced fees, and built the infrastructure our businesses needed to grow and prosper.”

MILITARY - “I respect our military personnel and understand the importance of Alaska’s National Guard. As I watched our military men and women being deployed I recognized how important it is for their families to know how much Alaska and America support them.”

HEALTH CARE – “I support flexibility in government regulations that allow competition in health care that is needed, and is proven to be good for the consumer, which will drive down health care costs and reduce the need for government subsidies. I also support patients in their rightful demands to have access to full medical billing information.”

SOCIAL ISSUES – “I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman.”

ENVIRONMENT – “Regimes to protect Stellar Sea Lions must be based on sound science not personal agendas…I will fight in every way possible to make sure that our fishing communities are protected from the personal agendas of federal fishery managers”

“I believe in protecting Alaska’s environment through fair enforcement of our environmental laws. Having a clean record on environmental regulation is critical to getting ANWR open and maintaining our fisheries mining, timber, and tourism industries.”

Could it be Sarah Palin

nullWord is out that Senator McCain is making a bold choice of Governor Sarah Palin. Today may indeed be the day the election was won. The history making factor is no longer the province of the Democrats alone. This is proof that God loves Republicans too. Way to go McCain. For More information on the next Vice President of the United States.

Convention Night Congratulations

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The Irish-American Republicans Convention Party

Seacoast Super Saturday--How you can help Sen. McCain!

"Worship me"

Support Jeb Bradley for Congress

MR: Of Course They Have

Unprecedented McCain Ad

Granite State Update 8.26.2008

To All Of Our Friends That Will Be At The Republican National Convention . . .

Centerfield will be our HeadQuarters for our entire stay!

The event will take place in the heart of downtown Minneapolis historic
warehouse district at the newly opened Centerfields (formally Fatsos), located
at 119 North Fourth Street at the corners of North 4th Street and 2nd Avenue

Let' is very excited about Centerfield being our home base for
this Main Street Media during the RNC convention.

We are throwing a "Grizzly Groundswell Strategy to flex the Main Street Media
Muscle party" right there at Centerfield. Wednesday from 4-6PM CST. FREE FOOD
and Cash Bar. We will have various candidates that has
endorsed and all the Main Street Media outlets to meet our Main Street Media
members., and have united
in this effort and this Grizzly Groundswell Strategy.


Sheridan Folger

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton Endorses John McCain Sort of

Sure sounds like an endorsement. Certainly not a reach to see McCain as Clinton approved.

Bill Clinton Endorses John McCain Sort of

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Debra - Lifelong Democrat Endorses McCain

ARRA News Service - Debra - Lifelong Democrat, Former Clinton Delegate Endorses McCain: U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today released its latest television ad, entitled “Debra.” The ad features Debra Bartoshevich, a lifelong Democrat and former Clinton delegate, explaining why she supports John McCain. Because John McCain has the experience and judgment we need at these challenging times, millions of Democrats from across the country are supporting him. The ad will air in key states.

Democrats Hidding Behind Bush

Bill Smith, Editor: Congressional Democrat leaders attending the DNC 2008 in Denver are attempting to transfer their failures to President Bush in an effort to distract voters by claiming their candidate is running against the Bush/McCain or McCain/Bush ticket. America is not stupid. Bush is retiring to Texas. And, Sen. John McCain as a maverick has never been part of the Bush team. It is true that Bush and McCain have conservative principles on which they agree. However, McCain as a maverick never placed party line first and often reached across the Senate isle to work with Democrats on critical issues. McCain has a leading democrat backing him and even the current identified Democratic vice president said positive things about McCain's qualifications to be president. Allegiances are shifting everywhere but with the Democratic leadership in Congress

While the candidates carry out their campaigns as they determine best, the Congressional Democrat leadership hides their failures behind George Bush. They are pursing a "con" job on the voters. They are working hard to sell their head-in-the-sand approach to energy policy to the American people. This may prove to be difficult with the divisions in their party who are deciding whether to continue following the inept Democrat leadership's refusal to produce more American energy. Some are tired of their leaders' ineptness and are considering joining with Republicans and sensible Democrats in support for policies like opening more areas to offshore drilling. ABC News reports that Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) is concerned that Democrats’ lack of action on a comprehensive energy solution could cost them politically. Abercrombie has joined with his GOP colleague Rep. John Peterson of Pennsylvania to urge a vote on an offshore drilling proposal.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is paying attention. Pelosi has not been bothered by these situations and has even advocated for Democrats with competitive races to lie and side with the Republicans because she can still stall and control things back in Congress. Though she’s been saying that drilling could be part of an energy package, she refuses to commit to a specific vote. Reuters reports, “She criticized President George W. Bush and other Republicans for presenting offshore drilling as an answer to the recent rise in U.S. gasoline prices, saying expanded drilling would not affect prices for a decade and then only by a small degree. ‘I don’t think that's a good alternative. But if they can prove that it is, and they want to pay royalties to the taxpayer ... then we have something to talk about’. . .”

Non-leader Pelosi would rather deal in distractions than grasp the laws of supply and demand. She says that drilling is not in her DNA. She would do well to read today’s New York Times, which discusses the recent rapid increase in American natural gas production. The Times writes, “Domestic natural gas prices have already plunged 42 percent since early July, an even faster drop in price than oil or most other commodities, in part because the rapid supply growth has begun to influence the market. Price spikes remain possible, of course, but throughout the industry the shale discoveries are causing a shift in thinking about the long-term outlook.”

Although doubtful, Democrats who understand how supply and demand work will be able to use their time in Denver to convince Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to that a “find more and use less” approach to energy is the best way to lower gas prices and provide more energy to America. Republicans have put forward a number of serious plans to do just that. It begs the question, when will the wiser more reasoned Democrats stop being lead by people who are disgracing their positions and hurting the American people? Also, noticeable is that five Democrat senators put themselves forward as qualified to be President of the United States and yet, not one of them would lead the effort to replace an inept Harry Reid. Pelosi and Reid, democrat agents of "no" change!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Party People: Karen Brown and Bonnie Tierney, Clinton and McCain Supporters

TAP ran into Karen Brown and Bonnie Tierney on 16th Street in Denver, Colorado. Brown was wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt and a John McCain button. They weren't delegates, but they'd come down from Colorado Springs to bear witness to the convention.

You have a Hillary shirt and a John McCain button.

Karen Brown: She was my first choice. Now I'm going to vote for McCain. Why? KB: I don't like Senator Obama. His choices are all wrong. I feel secure with John McCain.

Where do you feel McCain and Hillary have overlap that Obama doesn't? KB: I feel that Hillary would make me also feel safe as far as terrorism goes while I think Obama would be thinking about it. As he said in an interview, I'll "confront evil." John McCain said I'll "defeat" evil. I feel Hillary would've said the same thing. I want to feel safe here in America.

Who did you vote for in the past few elections? KB: Bush. I changed from Republican to Democrat for Hillary. Hillary lost, but I'm still a registered Democrat. I'm going to vote for McCain.

Bonnie Tierney: She's a diehard Republican!

Will you also go with McCain? BT: I am. Thirty-five years I voted Democrat, I'm voting for John McCain. I'd rather have four years of John McCain and the same and have a chance that Hillary will come back and win than have Barack Obama, who talked about change and hope with no substance. I'd just rather have McCain in. I think we have a better chance with McCain on terrorism.

Did you vote for Kerry in 2004? BT: Yes. I've voted for every Democrat since, well, Nixon when I was 18, but Democrats after that. I'd like to see a McCain-Hillary ticket to tell you the truth. And there's nothing that would please my soul more than to see Obama lose. He's talking about eight years when he hasn't got the four years. When people start nominating Hillary on the floor this week, he may fall off the stage when he sees superdelegates switching to Hillary. --

Sheridan Folger
Let's Get This Right

Our Turn, Palin--the Best Choice?

nyssen Reports, Senator McCain has many interesting choices that he could make for Vice President, and I am confident that he will make a good one. Today's Rasmussen Report has some interesting numbers, which suggest that a woman who could keep the GOP base could give an opening to Senator McCain. There is none better than the popular Governor of Alaska. She is a reformer who strikes the right cord with everyone Senator McCain needs.
Women are notably less enthusiastic than men—33% of women say Biden was the right choice while 27% disagreed. Men, by a 46% to 24% margin, said that Obama made the right choice.

Biden is now viewed favorably by 48% of voters and unfavorably by 34%. Those figures reflect a slight improvement from Thursday night polling. He earns favorable reviews from 52% of men and 45% of women.

Just 16% of women have a Very Favorable opinion of Biden while 19% have
a Very Unfavorable view.

Obama has struggled among older voters and that’s one area where Biden shines—60% of senior citizens have a favorable opinion of him.

Not surprisingly, Democrats were more supportive of Obama’s decision than anybody else—52% of those in his party agreed with his pick while 19% disagreed. However, just 43% of Democratic women said the presumptive nominee made the best pick while 23% disagreed.
Gov. Romney would be a good choice. I admit that he doesn’t poll well and with the race neck and neck that may doom his chances. In his favor, polls show that he can pull already close Michigan. That may well be the election. He won’t hurt McCain among the base and moderates who like Sen. McCain will come around because they like the guy at the top of the ticket plus when they get to know Romney he will come across well. It may well be that MI will be the battlefield. Sen. Obama went for balance not battlefield, it would be interesting if McCain went for the old fashion approach which is take a state from the other guys. We actually have 51 elections not one. MI, FL, OH, VA, PA are all within 4 points either way. The election will likely be won by the winner of 3 of 5. VA is one point to McCain (a tie_) FL and OH are 3 to 4 points McCain and the other two the same the for Obama. Would you walk away from tilting MI in your favor?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Hampshire Rockingham and Strafford County McCain Supporters

Dear Rockingham and Strafford County Friends,

Exciting things are happening on the McCain Campaign, particularly in Rockingham & Strafford Counties! Just this past week, two new Granite State polls showed Senator McCain breaking a one-time double-digit lead by Obama and the presidential race in New Hampshire is now a statistical dead heat. This is a result of YOUR hard work, and I am asking for your continued support and commitment as we race for the finish line.

The campaign and RNC have made it clear that NH is a must-win state, and as such have made a significant investment with staff and resources to ensure a decisive victory in less than 11 weeks. Last week, for example, we opened our latest office right on the Seacoast! GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen and other activists kicked off the event and encouraged local supporters to help our cause. With just 72 days left, we are counting on the help of our statewide grassroots organization to take New Hampshire back and ensure victory for John McCain and John Sununu!

Our new office is located at 151 Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham. We are open 7 days/week from 8:00AM-8:00PM and we need each of you to please sign-up for one of the shifts listed below. This Saturday, dozens of supporters stopped in to make calls and walk doors, and we need EVERYONE to participate this week so we can reach our goals as a team!











Also, when you stop by you can pick-up a bumper sticker and yard sign as well as find out about all of our other exciting events and opportunities to help! I look forward to seeing you all in Stratham soon!



P.S. Please look at your calendars and respond to confirm which of these dates and times works best for you to help Senator McCain!

Ashley M. Maagero

John McCain 2008

(603) 369-4973 Office

(603) 703-3484 Cell

Sheridan Folger
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Arizona's Bruce Ash: General Patraues,Iraq,Taxes,Obama
Arizona's Bruce Ash Speaks To Us Regarding Barack Obama and the Democrats plans for increasing our taxes.
Arizona's Bruce Ash Speaks To us regarding General Pataues and the Iraq War. Touching on Obama and the democrats defeatist ideas.

Watch as 300 bloggers 40+ Radio Shows united to cover the Republican National Convention!
Learn How You Can Participate And Be A Citizen Journalist! Get The Widget!
Visit Grizzly Groundswell and Let's Get This Right!


Sheridan Folger
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Reporting from the Republican National Convention

Next week I will be blogging from the Republican National Convention. Thanks to Blogs for John McCain's Victory, and the RNC I've been granted a press pass to cover the event. As I joked with one person, I'll need go find myself glittery flag apparel, and a straw hat covered with McCain stickers so that I can appear appropriate. None-the-less, it's very exciting to cover this event, and I plan to post frequently at Blogs for John McCain's Victory, Purple People Vote, Blogs4McCain and NH4McCain.

Also, I'd like to ask readers for their input. Is there any part of the convention that you would like to see? Do you have any questions you would like asked? I'll do my best to provide a view of the convention not normally seen in the main stream media, and hope I can provide answers to readers questions. Hope you'll check in frequently, and thank you for visiting/reading.

-Katherine Morrison

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Joe

As you likely know, Delaware's Senior Senator Joe Biden has been selected as Senator Barack Obama's running mate. He adds 35 years of experience to the ticket, which brings it all the way up to 38 years. Senator Biden will be a great apologist as seen below. As a Delawarean who personally knows the Biden's, Congratulations to the Biden family.

There is another side to the matter. As Senator Biden said, it is not merely about experience, but experience being right. Going back to Ronald Reagan's time to the Present; Senator Biden was wrong on the MX missile, the Nuclear freeze, the Surge in Iraq, The SDI missle shield, opposing the freedom fighters which helped bring down the Soviet Empire, and his support for the global tax--um global poverty initiative.

He is has been part of the problem with the energy crisis by opposing nuclear power, opposing oil shale development, opposing drilling off shore, and supporting debilitating taxes which would prevent investment in developing other reserves.

He has been good on some issues. He authored the Equal Access Act in 1984, the National Megan's law in 1996, the Violence Against Women's Act in 1994, and he pushed a spending limitation amendment on federal spending in 1983. He was the first Democrat to support overriding President Clintion's partial birth abortion veto. Notice that most of his initiatives in Domestic policy are from another century. In today's world, he has tended to obstruct and criticize. He no longer favors fiscal restraint. He was a leading force in weakening the military which has given us problems today. He filibustered the Homeland Security Department's formation even though he supported it because the unions wanted a better deal. He tried to force a partition on Iraq even though that sovereign nation didn't want it.
Senator Biden is a mixed bag. I am not sure that he will do much more than help solidify the base. According to Rasmussen most Americans who know him think he is a liberal (41%) and 43% have a favorable view vs. 38% with an unfavorable view. Nationally of the names being floated he had more support than anyone but Senator Clinton and fewer negatives than she has.

I view the Biden pick as a reasonable one. His opposition to partial birth abortion and abortion funding may take a little of the edge off of Senator Obama with Catholics that lean Democratic. America could do a lot worse in terms of foreign policy experience and knowledge. Most importantly, it assures America that an Obama administration will have a mix of qualified people and won't be a bunch of inexperienced ideologues. His first pick was one which showed reasonable judgement even though pundits will talk about what this does to his message of change. The truth is we need both change and stability. Senator Obama showed that he is not a prisoner to marketing, but thinking about governing. Unfortunately, the experience he added is just a lot more experience in the broken Liberal view of the world.

With that said, by not picking someone who could give him a red state like Bayh or Kaine, he took a big chance. Saturday, August 23rd may be the day that Senator McCain won if he chooses wisely.

Friday, August 22, 2008

1988 Biden Ad: The White House Isn't the Place to Learn How to Deal with International Crisis

The Trouble with the Democrat's Love of Liberal Elites

Excerpt from The Mystery of Obama's Problems

John McCain is pulling ahead of Obama. The latest Reuters poll has Grandpa Munster up five percentage points over our secular messiah. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has Obama and McCain in a virtual tie. And, according to RCP, if the race were held today and McCain took the toss-up states where he's currently ahead, he'd be the next president. Yes, it's early. McCain has had a good couple weeks. But these were McCain's first good couple weeks since he secured the nomination. Meanwhile, with the exception of the Jeremiah Wright unpleasantness, Obama has had a good couple years.

The winds at the Democrats' backs are hurricane-force gales, and yet there's Obama holding steady, like a young Dan Rather in his schoolgirl rain slicker, immobile and unmovable.

Ask the typical Obama supporter why this should be so and you'll get a range of answers. Some just stare at the poll numbers the way my late basset hound would look at me when I tried to feed him a grape: with pure unblinking incomprehension. Others act like the guy who sits alone with his shopping bags at the public library, muttering about Fox News conspiracies and how Karl Rove-like aliens are doing terrible things with probes of proctological exactitude. Still others just shake their heads at the racism of anyone who could possibly have a problem with a very left-wing politician with almost no experience, who often sounds like his campaign slogan is: "People of Earth! Stop Your Bickering. I Am From Harvard, And I'm Here To Help."

Perhaps therein lies the answer to this supposed mystery. Indeed, perhaps there's no mystery at all, and Obama's problems are the same problems Democrats always have at the presidential level: He's an elitist.

Oh, I know. Upon reading that, some liberal spluttered herbal chai tea from her nose at the injustice of this whole elitist canard, and the earnest Ivy League interns at some liberal magazine have burst into laughter, offering the appropriate bons mots from Balzac at the preposterousness of such a suggestion, saying: "Don't you conservatives understand? Democrats care about the little guy. They're on the side of the proletariat -- I mean workers -- and as Obama has so eloquently put it, if the workers would only stop clinging to their silly sky god and guns, they'd understand that."

Liberalism is often a problem at the presidential level. Cultural liberalism is a burden. Haughty cultural liberalism is a disaster in the making. For good or ill, the presidency is a cultural institution as much as it is a political institution. And it's fundamentally a culturally conservative one. Fair or not, many perceive Obama as a cultural outsider. This week, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said of Obama's friendship with former left-wing domestic terrorist Bill Ayers: "They're friends. So what?"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Buys Real Estate from a Convicted Felon, Then Criticizes McCain for Owning 7 Homes

Barack Obama's attacks on Senator McCain this week have been extremely sloppy and very ironic. First, he criticized a McCain fund raiser for having ties to Jack Abramoff. Yet Senator McCain led the Abramoff investigation, and Obama fund raiser William Ayers not only has shady associations, but he is an unrepentant terrorist and was a member of the Weather Underground. Now Senator Obama is critical of Senator McCain for owning several homes, some of which are investment properties. A rather ironic criticism since none of Senator McCain's properties were purchased from a convicted felon unlike Senator Obama who purchased property from Tony Rezco, good friend, Obama fund raiser, and convicted felon.

Obama Buys Real Estate from a Convicted Felon, Then Criticizes McCain for Owning 7 Homes

John McCain Gains Strength in Polls

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: A Zogby poll released today depicts John McCain leading Barack Obama among likely voters by 46 to 41% which removes the prior month's seven-point advantage for Obama. Also, a Los Angeles Times-Bloomberg poll that gave Mr Obama a 12-point lead in June found that the McCain and Obama were statistically tied. RealClearPolitics average of polls has McCain trailing by less than 2% and in today's electoral college match up with no toss-up states has McCain winning the electoral votes for the first time (see image)

American voters will soon be focusing on the DNC 2008 in Denver and Obama's selection of his vice presidential running mate. McCain is expected to select his vice presidential running mate immediately after the DNC and American voters will then shift their focus to the RNC 2008 in St Paul. Therefore, we can expect the polls to flex a lot in the coming days. However, the current polling results may evidence that Americans have taken notice of Obama's significance lack of experience which calls into question his ability to address national and global issues. They may be admitting that novelty is not necessarily a better choice over proven experience.

Voters have noted McCain's ability to address critical issues and to take clear positions while having a willingness to adapt over time to changes in positions due to changing national or global needs. Most likely voters are sharing with pollsters that McCain would be the better choice for president of the United States for the next four years. Obviously, the candidates' choices of their vice presidential running mates will be critically evaluated by voters. But, vice presidents are NOT presidents but presidents in waiting. And, America has proven in the past its willingness to select someone other that a former vice president or even former president to be their next president of the United States.

Many Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, did not like former president "give 'em hell" Harry Truman. However, they knew that Truman understood that he was responsible for the leadership of America and for making difficult decisions unthinkable to them. As Truman said, the "Buck Stops Here." He understood his leadership responsibility. Whereas, the recent words by Sen. Obama that some issues are "above his pay grade" evidences that he is not ready to lead with competence and convictions and may be easily swayed by politics and others when America needs a man of conviction. Hopefully, American is awakening from a period of game show electioneering picking the next "American Idol" to electing the best person to lead and protect America as the President of the Unites States.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain Bounce in State and National Polls

The Real Clear Politics Poll average give Obama a 1.2% edge in the general election. This is within the margin of error and a substantial drop in Senator Obama's lead. What may be even more encouraging is that the state polls are swinging Senator McCain's way. Senator McCain has the lead in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, and Florida. This gives Senator McCain the lead in electoral votes for the first time this election. With a strong showing at Saddleback this weekend and Senator Obama's favorablity ratings dropping like a stone; the McCain campaign is gathering momentum just as the conventions arrive.

Russell Brigade e-Update

Russell Brigade e-Update

A Personal Request from Bill

Dear Loyal Brigade Member:

want to personally thank you for the incredible support you've

given me
over the past few weeks. Since my return to the campaign

trail from
active duty, I've been so grateful to know that I'm not

alone in this

Whether you've given $50 or $1000, or signed up to be "boots on

the ground," there is no way I can adequately express my gratitude

for all you're doing.

you know, this campaign is in so many ways a personal

mission.Since my
earliest years, the military has been my family.

My own military career
followed in a long line of honorable service

and sacrifice. When
military men and women are dishonored, and

their service diminished, we
should all feel a personal responsibility

to correct the record.

Will you join me in honoring your military hero? Click here to post a

tribute to a soldier, sailor, Marine or airman;

said so many times that Dad is my hero. He taught me the

meaning of
commitment to a cause bigger and more significant than

self. His life
and military services define duty, honor and country.

Read my tribute to Dad here;

Thank you for the help you've given. If you're in the area, stop by

the Westmoreland County Fair this Saturday night!

With deep gratitude,


Bill Russell

Candidate for Congress

12th Congressional District

MANAGER’S NOTE: Congressman Murtha's campaign has

just moved into
action. Over the past few days he's returned to

southwestern PA to
announce millions in taxpayer-funded earmark

spending. His campaign
issued the first direct attack on Bill, and

more are expected. Jack
Murtha is not giving up, and neither are

we! Evidence is mounting that
we're "in the hunt!"

Would you please consider a $50 contribution immediately?

about to move into the critical next phase of the

are forthcoming), and Bill needs your help to keep up
the pace.


- Peg Luksik (

William Russell for Congress, P.O. Box 630, Johnstown, PA 15907 | | PH:814.525.9171 |


Sheridan Folger

Monday, August 18, 2008

Urgent! McCain News

Urgent! Let's Rain on Obama's Convention Parade!


Remarks By John McCain To The 109th Annual Veterans Of Foreign Wars Of The United States National Convention

WT: At what cost Obama?

Obama Facing Attacks From All Sides Over Abortion Record

WP: McCain's New Hope

Forgotten Heroes

HEROES is the only film in the pop culture today that honors and thanks
a generation of Americans who were protested against, spat upon and
protrayed in Hollywood movies as murders, rapist, psychos, and drug
addicts. This profound and unique film begins to debunk the myths that
have permeated the pop culture since the 1960s


Sheridan Folger

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McCain: Winning ALL Battleground States

How many "battleground" states could John McCain win? If he plays his cards right -- and he's doing just that -- he COULD win all of them.

McCain's continued strong performance in the national polls (see above) has positive implications for GOP candidates around the country. Obama has a big lead in three large states -- Illinois, New York, and California, as well as huge leads in the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut -- and that suggests McCain is doing well in most of the other 44 states. McCain has a decent chance to win PA, OH, VA, FL, MI, MN, and CO -- all battleground states. PA's GOP candidates must emphasize that they are strongly "NoBama." (Above image: McCain, light green, Obama, dark green.)

The Aug. 12-14 polling shows a slight dip in Obama's support, which had ranged between 46% and 48% (averaging 47%) in August. McCain has averaged 43% support among registered voters so far in August. Thus, the closer margin seen in today's results is due more to movement away from Obama than toward McCain. Twelve percent of registered voters now say they are undecided or supporting another candidate, which is on the high end of what Gallup has measured this year.

Voter preferences have been closely divided between Obama and McCain in each of the last three individual nights of polling, underscoring the notion that the race has tightened for the moment. This could to some degree reflect Obama's absence from the campaign trail while he vacations in Hawaii. He will return to the spotlight over the next few weeks upon naming his vice presidential running mate and accepting his party's nomination for president at the Democratic national convention, and both events have typically been associated with a bounce in support for a presidential candidate.

On Thursday, the Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns announced an agreement to put her name into nomination for president at the convention. Given that the race has been tight for the past few days, it is unlikely this announcement is related to any change in Obama's support.Since early June when Obama clinched the nomination, he has averaged a three percentage point advantage over McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking. (To view the complete trend since March 7, 2008, click here.) -- Jeff Jones
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fred Thompson - Georgia, Russia, McCain

Fred Thompson writes about the situation in Georgia, and the responsiblities of the next President of the United States in the Townhall article, Dangerous Times In Georgia Demand Serious Leadership
While this crisis plays out we should also note that these events give evidence of a larger reality: the next American President is going to face an international landscape that is more difficult and treacherous than we have ever faced. By now most Americans appreciate the dangers of international terrorism and the fact that a small number of people can wreck unimaginable havoc upon our country and our people if they get their hands on the right kinds of weaponry. What is less understood is that some of the older, traditional kinds of threats are still very much with us, only heightened because of the increasing availability of nuclear weapons and other weapon technologies.
I suppose it’s obvious where I’m going with this. This is no time to elect a president whose international experience is limited to speaking to adoring European crowds who want to see the United States retreat from the world … until they require our help in the next crisis that threatens them.

It has been instructive for the country to see the candidates’ reaction to the equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s 3 a.m. phone call. While he was vacationing in Hawaii, Barack Obama’s advisors scrambled into action and initially came up with the expected liberal bromides which equated the actions of Russia and Georgia and only ratcheted up the rhetoric when they began to actually understand what was happening.

It wasn’t that difficult for John McCain. For him Georgia was another little-known part of the world, whose leaders and history he is familiar with. And long before this Georgian crisis, he’s had the correct read on Russia, just as he’s had the right read on what we needed to do in Iraq. .

This crisis half a world away confirms what I’ve been saying for a while: This election cycle, the traffic in the world is very heavy …and dangerous; it’s no time to give a kid with barely a learner’s permit the keys to the car.

For full article - Dangerous Times In Georgia Demand Serious Leadership

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fight or Die Republicans

Michael Reagan, Human Events: Republicans have their backs against the wall, facing a bloodbath on Election Day that will leave the party in shambles and the nation in the hands of the worst conglomeration of demagogues, scoundrels and loony leftists ever put together in our nation's history.

When you're fighting for your life, you have two choices: whimper about your plight while the other side cuts you to pieces, or fight as if your life depends on it, which of course it does . . . Republicans can unite to fight and win. Or they can do what they seem to do best these days, cringe and surrender. ...[Fight or Die Republicans]
Also all Republicans should visit and join Let's Get this Right (LGTR)!

GOP Senators Join Gang & Fail the Team & U.S.

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: The following editorial comments are in reaction to the actions this week by the five Republicans in the “Gang of 10.” Most of us have been to varied team sporting events: e.g., Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. For the team to win, the members of the team must all remain focused on the goal of winning. During the game, they don't get sidetracked patting opponents on the back and running out on the field with a couple of their team buddies to meet members of the other team, or declaring that they represent their whole and have negotiated the end of game results - so the game is over. We would rightly call these players a "gang; thugs." Obviously, they would at a least be benched or at best, kicked off the team. Razorback fans (other readers substitute your favorite team) go to see their Hogs play - win or lose. They keep coming to see their team play in hopes of defeating the other team. They want to win and they wouldn't like it if a few team members sold out the rest of the team. They understand that the Hogs may lose but they sure don't want the game played with without a full team.

Consider then our form of government; we are a Republic. We, the people, elect our Senators to represent our State and elect our Congressional Representative to represent our individual Congressional District. We expect these men and women to go to Washington D.C. to represent us and not to try to compromise and represent the people of other States or districts. Retuning to the sports analogy, across the country we have in effect elected our all star players to go to Washington to compete both for us - their constituents - and to part of their political "All Star" team. For example, in Arkansas, we know that our Senators, both Democrats, are also playing for the Democrat "All Star" team under the incompetent team coach -- Harry Reid. Others, like Lieberman , an "independent democrat,” play for the Democrat team. Others like Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson are supposed to be playing for the Republican "All Star" team. Unfortunately, while on the Republican Team, they have decided to break out on their own and negotiate with members of Reid’s team.

Most of us dislike small groups of people who meet privately to make agreements, and decisions that affect us. We call such groups "clicks" when being nice and other names when not feeling so nice. The press has rightly labeled these breakaway elected officials as “gangs.” We do not deny them their right to associate, to talk, to caucus, or to debate. We may not like their continued personally associations but heck we have no say if the go to church, go fishing, visit their local D.C. "watering hole,” or even foot tap" together. But we do mind when they are on the playing field and then they opt out of their teams and join together in a "Gang of 10" to speak for the rest of the elected officials and the members or your political party. This arrogance is intolerable as they are trampling on our Republic and over calling or silencing the voices of our other elected official.

And for those five Senators who are Republicans, how dare you compromise an important bargaining position on which we are supported by a majority of the American people. While the five democrats on the “Gang of 10” are clearly representing their party’s agenda and getting republicans to compromise and to “shut –up,” such is not the situation for the five republicans. The five republicans have “fumbled the ball” without even having their full team present. They have ignored one of the “most exciting and motivating” issues of the day on which Republicans are taking a stand. They have abandoned their team, ignored the coach and compromised a fundamental issue on which Republicans are taking a stand. How can they expect their team members to trust or work with them in the future? American voters do not forget and “Elephant” voters have long memories and have been know to turn out RINOs. Losing to the other team in a hard fought game is understood. Having a few players throw the game is unconscionable. While winning covers a multitude of issues, failure to support the team is unforgivable. Ask any die hard Razorback fan. We love our team and despise anyone who sellouts the team or tramples on the Razorback name. The same is true for voters be they democrat or republican. And currently, the actions referenced in the Wall Street Journal editorial are unacceptable to Republicans. . . . [Read Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal]

Seven Positive Signs for McCain

What's really going on in the presidential election . . .
Dr. Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Glenn Thrush at the Politico has an interesting read about "7 Worrisome Signs for Obama." Since these are making the rounds today in the media, Below is very brief summary with additional notes by Stephen Maloney and myself:

" . . . His [Obama's] supporters are now suffering a pre-Denver panic attack, watching as John McCain draws incrementally closer in state and national polls -- with Rasmussen's most recent daily tracker showing a statistical dead heat."

The seven worrisome signs for Obama:
1. The role Obama's race will play in voters' decisions; "How much does his race factor into tightening contests in Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio? Nobody knows — and that’s the problem." (Note: In the 2006 Senate race, Republican George Allen, who waged a terrible campaign, lost by only 9,000 vote to a "moderate" Democrat with a military background. Race is not an issue for a qualified candidate. But Obama's own words of allegiances to his African family, questionable issues concerning his prior Muslim education, and anti-white racist comments by Obama's associates and pastors may affect him with many voters. The issue isn't race but the "cling-ons" of numerous negative factors. America is ready for president of any race and for female president. However, America may not be ready for a person of color forced upon them when that person is definitely not qualified except for his age. Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are still suffering from after-shock that a female with more qualifications was defeated by Obama primarily because of her last name.)

2. "Obama’s strength in Virginia may be over hyped"; Obama staffers look at the state as a 50-50 proposition, and his odds of winning may be less than that. [If Obama doesn't do very well in the DC suburbs, he will lose VA.)

3. "Michigan's in play for McCain"; the Democrats probably can't win without Michigan. There, "McCain has quietly crept up over the past month and could vault ahead if he anoints ex-Gov. Mitt Romney as his running mate." (Note: Michiganders would have much preferred Hillary Clinton as the candidate.)

4. Difficult times can engender fear among voters, and that could benefit McCain, who is more of a known quantity than Obama. (Note: Economics may not be McCain's strongest suit, but he has proven that he has an understanding of the concept. He knows high gas prices hurt the American people and our economy. But it also doesn't look like an Obama strength.)

5. McCain doesn't have to face the "Ross Perot factor" that helped Bill Clinton greatly in bringing down George H. W. Bush in 1992; Former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr, staging an indie bid from McCain’s right, has little cash and doesn’t seem to be a factor in competitive states. (Note: However, the maverick conservative or libertarian who places his or her own interest above those of the country, may indeed sacrifice their vote in an effort to punish the other conservatives and Republicans for not agreeing 100% with their positions. They may be be a spoiler that advances socialism under Obama. These folks will not win in the long run and unlike Ross Perot helping to elect Bill Clinton with A Republican congress, those supporting Barr are willing to send Obama to the White House with a the Democrats in full control of Congress. Even a major libertarian Republican like Rep. Ron Paul has recognized this danger and has tried to rechannel the efforts of his followers to more reasonable avenues of influence for the future.)

6. Obama is NOT a white Southerner with border-state strength, the only kind of a Democrat who has won the White House in the last 65 years (LBJ, Carter, and Clinton);

7. "Americans may WANT divided government"; as one Democratic strategist puts it, ". . . nobody wants a pair of Pelosis [Nancy and Barack] running things." (Note: not to leave out Reid as part of the socialist liberal trio: Reid, Pelosi & Obama. In addition with "No Will To Drill" America will faced with higher prices for not only gas but for the very basics: food, home/rent, utilities, etc. Transportation costs are going no where but up if this 'trio is in office" together.)

Former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey puts it this way: People "want change, but I'm not sure that the Democratic agenda has the support of a majority of Americans." (Note: Many, including democrats, know that youth has never proven to be a prediction of success and McCain, a maverick in his own party, has reached across party lines his experienced career when doing so benefited the American people. Having served America most of his life, McCain not Obama should be the run away candidate. But, left leaning biased media continues to promote a younger glamor candidate with no almost no experience candidate over the candidate who is better prepared and qualified to confront the global military and economic dangers already on the horizon for the United States.) . . . [ 7 Worrisome Signs for Obama]

Saturday, August 9, 2008

230,000 Reasons Lieberman Is Not Acceptable to the GOP as VP

Joe LiebermanARRA Editor: While Sen. Lieberman (D disguised as ID) prides himself as a maverick and is supporting Sen. John McCain (R) for President, Lieberman not only caucuses with the Democrats, he also gives them money. He recently made a second donation to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in what some see as a effort to assure of keeping his position as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee intact, regardless of the outcome in November. In addition, Lieberman has been giving money through his Responsibility/Opportunity/Community PAC to various re-election campaigns for Democrat Senators.

Glenn Thrush at The Crypt reports:
After forking over $100,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee last year, the Connecticut Democrat-turned-Independent has written a second $100,000 check to DSCC chairman Chuck Schumer in recent days, according to a people familiar with the situation. “Basically, he doesn’t want everybody to hate him,” one Lieberman-friendly Democrat said. “Plus he wants to keep his committee.”

Lieberman caucuses – awkwardly — with Democrats at their weekly meetings but is on the outs with many in his longtime party . . . More than a few have talked about stripping him of his committee post after November.

Thus Lieberman’s schmear campaign. Lieberman’s Responsibility / Opportunity / Community PAC, has given the DSCC $30,000 since last year – in addition to doling out smaller donations to the New Mexico Democratic party and the re-election campaigns of Democratic centrists Max Baucus, Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor.
Did you see the 230,000 Reasons? Money Talks: Lieberman in two years gave the DSCC $100,000 + $100,000 + $30,000 to elect or keep Democrats in power.

Republicans Still Rock the House - Washington D. C. - Aug 8, 2008

ARRA News Service - In the House, the Republican protest over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to allow a vote on drilling enters its second week today. The message is clearly having an impact, as Politico reports that “ announced Thursday it was launching radio ads targeting Republicans for organizing the protest.” MoveOn is apparently desperate to blunt the momentum for more drilling; a new Rasmussen poll that shows 57% of Democrats and 61% of independent voters see finding new energy sources as a priority. Rasmussen Reports also notes: “With energy issues taking center stage in the presidential campaign, 81% of Americans see development of new energy sources as an urgent priority. Only 9% disagree.”

Thursday, August 7, 2008

John McCain in York, PA

You are invited to see John McCain

Tuesday August 12, 2008


Location: Toyota Arena 334 Carlisle Ave York PA 17404

Reserve Tickets by calling Vanessa at: 717-222-9257

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Can Help Broadcast The RNC Convention!

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