Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Debra - Lifelong Democrat Endorses McCain

ARRA News Service - Debra - Lifelong Democrat, Former Clinton Delegate Endorses McCain: U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today released its latest television ad, entitled “Debra.” The ad features Debra Bartoshevich, a lifelong Democrat and former Clinton delegate, explaining why she supports John McCain. Because John McCain has the experience and judgment we need at these challenging times, millions of Democrats from across the country are supporting him. The ad will air in key states.

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Bonnie Tierney said...

Debra...great ad actually but the truth is, Debra was as confused as I was and I hope she comes out in favor now, of Senator Obama. You see, the Republican party would love nothing more than to split the Democrats and cause "disunity" in our party because they are desperate in their attempt to gain control another 4 years. Believe me, that's all Senator McCain will get if he does get the American people's vote.

Debra - I feel your pain but the truth is, while Senator Obama did not speak substance for the greater part of 19 months, he did, lay out his plans for our country in Denver this past Thursday evening. (It took him 19 months but he did it and I will hold his feet to the fire on every word and so will every other Hillary Clinton supporter.) He convinced me that he cares, truly cares about the American people and yes, while it will be tough, almost near impossible, to control the debt that the Republicans have caused, I will give him four years to make a difference.

I too have been a life long Democrat and by the looks of your ad, probably much longer than you. The DNC disappointed many Hillary Clinton supporters but that is no reason to support John McCain. Senator McCain's choice to pick an inexperienced Governor is actually a poorer decision than Barack Obama made not to put Hillary Clinton on his VP ticket or to even Vet her. You see, the one big difference, if Senator McCain passess away in office - as eight Presidents have done while in office, Governor Palin will have to pick up the gauntlet and run with it. My son, too, served in Iraq and will most likely be going back to Iraq or Afghanistan shortly and NO WAY do I want such an inexperienced woman running this country-- NO WAY in hell.

I hope Debra makes another ad, "admitting" her mistake to support John McCain. You see, if George Bush had the humility to admit his mistake for going into Iraq, our country would not be in this mess. As a veteran who served on active duty for 19 years, both in the enlisted ranks and officer ranks, as one who experienced the horrific effects of terrorism by being one of the officers in charge of the identification and processing of the 241 soldiers killed in Beirut nearly 25 years ago, I can say without a doubt - at least I have the decency to come out and say, I made a mistake saying I would support John McCain. He may be strong on terrorism, but because he was a POW, that does not give him entitlement to hold any office, and certainly not the Presidency. He does not share my values and beliefs for where our country must go in the next 4 years -- thefore, I will cast my vote in November for Senator Obama.

Bonnie Tierney
Author & Veteran
Locked In Time