Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You Know Obama's & McCain's Positions on Abortion?

National Right to Life PAC: Polls show that only 10% of Americans know or believe that Barack Obama supports abortion for any reason, essentially at any time during pregnancy. With Supreme Court Justices and a potential "Freedom of Choice Act," which would make partial birth abortion legal again and require taxpayer funding of abortion on demand, at stake this fall, it is crucial that America knows the truth about the candidates’ positions on abortion.

To help America know its candidates, the National Right to Life PAC has launched two new websites for this fall's election. and provide clear statements on the candidates’ records on life issues. They provide voting records, analysis of the candidates’ positions and statements, and access to all of the NRL PAC's resources. Available on the site are candidate comparisons and factsheets to download and distribute, video montages of the candidates to view, and information on this fall's grassroots movement. You can also sign a petition to Barack Obama entitled, "America Does Not Agree with You, Senator Obama," use interactive forms to share info with your friends and family, and post information to your facebook page.

Please visit and to arm yourself for this fall. Join the StopObamaInfo and ProlifeMcCain facebook group and promote the sites and information as much as you can. It is crucial that America learns the positions of its presidential candidates. Help the unborn by learning the facts, sharing them with your family and friends, and joining the grassroots movement for life.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Barack Obama, as someone who's called himself a devout Christian, is a grotesque champion of infanticide.

Wonder which Jesus it is that in which he claims to believe?