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Character matters in a president & in a commander-in-chief

ARRA News Service - There was an outstanding column about Senator John McCain’s character by Abraham Katsman in the Jerusalem Post. I encourage you to read this column and to share it with friends and family members. Below are excerpts from the Katsman's article:

"How aware is the public that McCain has raised seven children? Or that he adopted his two oldest sons as small boys (children from his wife's prior marriage)? Or that he has raised a Bangladeshi girl with severe health problems adopted from Mother Theresa's orphanage? Or that his own sons have served in the military, including in Iraq? . . . McCain never brought up his own son's service in some of the roughest areas of Iraq. His principled refusal of political advantage from his son's Iraq service extends to refusal even to be interviewed on the subject, or to introduce his son to campaign audiences. . . .

The contrast with other politicians couldn't be more stark. How many candidates have we heard try to score political points as they crow in the public limelight about their own brief military stints, or their wife's cancer, son's car accident, or sister's death from smoking? The contrast is consistent with McCain's internalizing the codes of honor and military conduct since his youth: the veneration of courage and resilience; the expectation of fidelity to principles of honor; the homage paid to Americans who sacrificed for their country; the nobility of service and sacrifice; the expectation that one would prove worthy of the country's trust; and the humility that comes from recognizing that there are causes and people greater than oneself. It is, in short, a contrast in character.

Character matters. In a president-and particularly in a commander-in-chief, that kind of character arguably counts more than any particular political orientation or policy. From character flows leadership, as it is character which dictates morally grounded direction and engenders public trust. Character is critical to determining how a leader will respond to crisis. Will he reach deep within himself and in the traditions that shaped him and find the courage and grace to inspire strength and greatness? Will soldiers trust the wisdom and integrity of his decision when he orders them to war? Will he truly understand the terrible toll of war, as well as the price of appeasement? Will he make decisions based on considerations greater than cheap political expediency? Now, ask yourself: which candidate has repeatedly demonstrated that kind of character?" . . . [Read More]

This Is Rich: Clark attacks McCain's Service

I respect General Wesley Clark's service to the country and his leadership. I am just sorry he doesn't see fit to extend such sentiment himself.

John McCain is only the best qualified individual to run for the Presidency in a generation. General Clark is backing someone who has hardly any track record at all. Out of all of the reasons to attack McCain, his record of public and military service is the most foolhardy. What was Clark thinking? If we apply the same standard that he raises, he should have been supporting Huckabee or Richardson and be sitting the election out. He can not seriously discount McCain's relationship to leaders around the world, his command in the Navy because it wasn't during wartime, and his wartime service because he got shot down. He can not claim that a man who ran a large Navy squadron doesn't have enough executive experience, but claim a man who hadn't even run a vending machine does.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

McCain’s Growing Net Roots and Donations

The network of McCain supporter sites is going through a growth spurt, right, left, and center. On July 1st, the anniversary of John McCain’s promotion to Commander of Attack Squadron 174 in 1976, the founders of John McCain 2008 Social Network and McCain Now are launching They have worked tirelessly to launch a site that focuses on supporting Senator McCain and local Republicans across the country. They are looking to raise money for a series of candidates in important races.

On the other side of the spectrum, let me welcome Clinton supporters who now support Senator McCain to the club. The establishment and networking of Clinton supporters not willing to support Senator Obama, has been impressive to say the least. Over 125 sites and blogs have emerged within a few weeks. A list of all (or most) is available at Just Say No Deal. Here are a few that have already established a significant following. Clintons 4 McCain, Savage Politics, Puma Party (which includes the Puma Party forum), Done Dems, Hillary Clinton Forum, and Dems 4 McCain. Certainly, not all who have decided not to vote Obama have committed to voting McCain. However, there is mounting evidence that many Clinton supporters will vote McCain.

Some Hillary supporters have even decided to donate to Senator McCain’s campaign on July 4th. As a show of support, many long time McCain supporters have also agreed to contribute on that day. The request is that Hillary supporters make donations in amounts like $5.44, $25.44, or $125.44 and others donate in whole dollar amounts so Clinton supporters can be differentiated and counted.

Other new Pro-McCain sites include...
Battleground States ‘08 is a contributor based blog giving a state to state perspective on the presidential race.
Local Republicans similarly is a contributor based blog focused on down ticket candidates and state and local Republican candidates.
Grand Old Partisan is an excellent site for those interested in history. It remembers that the GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
Jews for McCain
Conservative Mom in a Liberal World
Its All Dicta
McCain Brigade
McCain Independent
McCain Supporters
Local Republicans
Obama Independent or McCain Independent?
Red Arizona
Right Score
Stop Obama Vote McCain
Democrats and Independents for McCain Social Network

McCain - The Importance Winning in Iraq and Supporting Israel

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Judicial Philosophy of Candidates Affect The Supreme Court

ARRA News Service - Kerby Anderson, Point of View: The next president will no doubt nominate two or three Supreme Court justices and hundreds and hundreds of appointments to the federal bench. So understanding a candidate’s judicial philosophy will be important. The two presumptive nominees represent two very different judicial philosophies and have two different voting records in Congress concerning judicial appointments.

Senator McCain wants to appoint judges that have a strict constructionist view of the Constitution. His website says: “When applying the law, the role of judges is not to impose their own view as to the best policy choices for society but to faithfully and accurately determine the policy choices already made by the people and embodied in the law.” He also says: “The judicial role is necessarily limited and one that requires restraint and humility.”

Senator Obama says that he wants to appoint judges who have “empathy.” In one of his speeches he said, “we need someone who’s got the heart, the empathy” to understand social circumstances. “The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”

Words are one thing, and voting records are another. Senator McCain supported Supreme Court nominees John Roberts and Samuel Alito. He voted to confirm both of these men and at the time called them “strict constructionists.”

Senator Obama voted against both men. While he acknowledged their academic and legal qualifications, he said at the time that other issues should be considered. He said: “I’ve seen an extraordinarily consistent attitude on the part of Judge Alito that does not uphold the traditional role of the Supreme Court as a bastion of equality and justice for United States citizens.”

This year the two candidates have two very different views of judicial interpretation and it is reflected in their votes. I'm Kerby Anderson, and that's my point of view.

Conservative Candidates Can Not Wait

John McCain is correct . . .

We have entered a critical phase of the campaign season. Senator Obama and his liberal friends have pulled out all the stops in their cynical campaign of distortions and outright lies, and with the help of their special interest allies are continuing to raise staggering amounts of money.

Collectively the Obama campaign and their cohorts have turned their full attention- and their massive war chest - toward defeating conservative candidates up and down the ticket.

They have begun their assaults against conservatives in earnest, and we must immediately respond.

To battle back against their barrage of media attacks the McCain Camp has authorized and approved their own media advertising in every key battleground state from coast to coast. These ads have started running and tell the true story of McCain service, his leadership, and hopefully introduce many undecided voters to the bold solutions he will bring to the White House. We have done the same in selecting conservative candidates.

Purchasing media time is extraordinarily expensive . . . and it will draw down heavily on our financial resources. But we have no other choice. Liberals are outspending conservatives at an alarming rate . . . especially in congressional races.

So please click here to rush conservative candidates an emergency media contribution of $20 or $50

There is not a moment to waste!

Folks we are counting on our closest friends, men and women like you , who have remained by our side throughout this rough and tumble campaign season to stand by conservatives once again at this critical juncture. The scale is much larger and the stakes are as high as ever. We have to focus on all of our conservative brothers and sisters across the Nation.

We will run respectful campaigns - but will not shy away from fairly showing voters the clear differences between our vision for our nation's future and that of the liberals . . . and the differences could not be more stark.

Our vision for a better America calls for strong economic growth policies, including tax cuts, free and fair trade and energy independence. These pro-growth policies will help create jobs, increase wages and make our economy more secure.

The liberal rhetoric speaks glowingly of new jobs, opportunities and economic growth. But the specifics of their plans call for massive tax hikes, strangling regulations and more government control of the economy. This is a recipe for grinding our economy to a halt, not growing it.

Our vision for America in the world is one of strength and clear purpose. We must strengthen and improve our military force that is already second to none. We must complete our mission in Iraq with victory by establishing a stable, democratic government. We must continue to press al Qaeda and disrupt terrorist networks. We must establish a League of Democracies that will work with us to apply pressure to promote peace, stop genocide and improve human rights throughout this world.

The liberals vision of America's role in the world is dangerously naive. They have promised to retreat from Iraq without fully considering the risks. They have advocated negotiating with rogue dictators without preconditions. And they have promised to abrogate trade agreements and turn their back on vital allies and trading partners.

The American people deserve more. We need a President who has a record of change versus merely rhetoric of change. We need a President whose judgment is proven and who is ready to be commander in chief on day one. We need strong conservatives who share our core beliefs across the nation to be shown our full support.

You can be sure Barack Obama and his liberal allies will do everything in their power to muddy the waters, distort our records and distract voters with baseless claims. They will hit hard - and they will hit fast. We will take the blows - but we must be able to fight back quickly with strength and the truth.

That is why our media campaigns for conservatives are so critically important. Our ads will clearly delineate the sharp contrasts between liberals and us. We simply must have the financial resources to fully implement our media campaigns - and your immediate contribution is essential.

Running TV ads in states from Pennsylvania to New Mexico is extremely costly. A 30 second national ad on The O'Reilly Factor costs $25,000. So it takes 500 supporters each giving $50. to run just that one ad!

Friends, we must raise millions to keep our media campaigns running. And to do that we need you to make a contribution of $10 or even $50 today!

Our campaigns have been called futile, yet we have succeeded despite being under funded and practically written off. All is not lost for conservatives! We must have perseverance and faith that the voters will continue to listen to our message and cast their ballot for experienced leadership and a renewed sense of optimism for America as well as the core beliefs that made America the greatest nation in the world.

We've been through this before. We are running against better funded opponents, but we have the RIGHT message and the RIGHT vision. If we continue to hold strong and stand together, we will win.

Visit the Let's Get This Right Contribution link to help a conservative candidate now.

The Second Amendment Is Under Attack!

We the American people have an "Individual" right to keep and bear Arms protected by the Second Amendment.

The DC ruling is only the beginning of what will continue to be an enormous and treacherous battle to protect that right.

Our cause may not be "trendy" or "fashionable" but it is a core American belief that spans the decades. Liberals are outraged and disgusted by those that vigorously stand up for this right to bear Arms and they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Our Democratic process may not be perfect, like it or not it takes massive funds to battle the liberal agenda and protect our beliefs and rights. The Second Amendment is crucial to the maintenance of the democratic process however flawed one may think it is.

This is not a belief as Barack Obama would suggest Resereved to "bitter, bible thumping racists."
Those who do not understand our wide spread commitment will never understand the depth of political dedication we have to protect our most important rights and beliefs. They are convinced the liberal media and their own huge war chests of money will shut us down and shut us out.

Protecting our right to bear arms is extraordinarily expensive and it will draw down greatly on our financial resources. But we have no choice friends! Bottom Line:To keep our right to bear arms, to battle the liberal mission to destroy that right we need to raise money for conservative candidates NOW. That is why we are asking you to make a special contribution to our Emergency Second Amendment Drive NOW! So please select one or all of our conservative candidates and make an emergency Second Amendment contribution of $10, $20 or even $50

The right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to our concept of democracy.
Barack Obama and his liberal friends with their superior outlook want to waive the constitutionality of their agenda for the sake of their brand of socialist reform. Is that the change you can believe in???

If we do not resist. If we do not make clear that our beliefs, our rights and our constitution are vitally more important than progressive egos then that is the change you will have my friends.

So please ACT NOW. Make a contribution to a conservative candidate that will fight for the Second Amendment and protect our constitution. Send $10, $20 or even $50 today!

Their are roughly 75 million Americans who own firearms. We are not bad people. We are not misguided, bitter or undereducated. We are hard working, law abiding tax paying Americans! Safe, sane and respectful with our use of firearms.

Absurd vain attempts to regulate inanimate objects cannot remove a distorted or corrupt character from a person. Only tough well enforced laws that punish those that stand outside the law will work.

There are better ways to advance our Nation and our society than to excuse criminal behavior as the liberals are so prone to do.

I wish we could keep investing our funds in those worthwhile efforts rather than spending our resources and time debunking failed promises and elitest agendas of the "gun-control" crowd.

If you agree at all . . .Please give $10, $20 or even $50 to a Second Amendment Warrior. Let's Get This Right Folks.

Thank you

Sheridan Folger

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Christian and Military Outlaws ?

"Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports...,And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion.--Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure--reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." -George Washington

Not only should the Military and Religious speakers be allowed access to public schools . . . it is a legally protected right.

There is a part of me that would like to cut California loose and let it float on over to France where it belongs. That however, would be giving up on the hundreds of thousands of sane good American citizens living there that see through the horrid liberal agenda.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1969 that student expression against the Vietnam War could not be quashed in public schools. The ruling stated that neither "students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate."



Sheridan Folger

McCain Town Hall in Ohio

Ohio GOP features an article and video clips from a recent town hall meeting Senator McCain had in Cincinnati Ohio.

That Republican John McCain would come to Cincinnati for a town hall forum with undecided voters so early in the general election campaign made it clear that he knows this will be a major battleground between him and Barack Obama.

And what he talked about made it clear the battle won't be won on the issues he has been most comfortable with in his long congressional career - national security, defense, and, in recent years, the war on radical Islamic terrorists.

"The economy, the economy, and the economy,'' the senator from Arizona said after his town hall performance at Xavier University's Schmidt Hall. His response came after a reporter asked him to name the three most important issues he will use to influence Ohio's undecided voters.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Defeat Obama, Let's Get This Right

Support Important Conservative Candidates In Essential Elections

More Voters Trust McCain to be Commander-in-Chief

ARRA News Service: A Gallup Poll shows more American believes McCain to be a better Commander in Chief. Gallup reports:
McCain's life experience has earned him a solid national reputation as someone who can serve as the nation's commander in chief, with 80% saying he can handle the responsibilities of this important role. Barack Obama lags well behind on the same measure, but does pass the 50% public confidence threshold. . . [Read More]

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's with the Crazy Poll Number?

A 15 point spread in the national polls? Really? The margin of error is typical 3-4 points, but this spread suggests someone doesn't know how to run a poll, or at least doesn't know how to run a fair poll. Is this 'Obama bounce' manufactured or have the last two weeks given American's incredibly mixed feelings?

Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread
RCP Average 06/15 - 06/25 -- 48.0 41.2 Obama +6.8
Gallup Tracking 06/23 - 06/25 2605 RV 44 44 Tie
Rasmussen Tracking 06/23 - 06/25 3000 LV 49 45 Obama +4.0
LA Times/Bloomberg 06/19 - 06/23 1115 RV 49 37 Obama +12.0
Newsweek 06/18 - 06/19 896 RV 51 36 Obama +15.0
FOX News 06/17 - 06/18 900 RV 45 41 Obama +4.0
USA Today/Gallup 06/15 - 06/19 1310 LV 50 44 Obama +6.0

Fergus Cullen Calls Obama on Public Financing Flip Flop

From NH GOP...

CONCORD – Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, made the following statement today on Barack Obama backing out of the public financing system:

“Today Barack Obama broke his promise to the American people by backing out of the public financing system he previously said he would participate in. Obama may claim to represent a ‘new’ kind of politics, but judging by his actions he is nothing more than a typical politician, willing to do or say anything when it’s politically expedient.”

Healy Questions Obama on Gas Tax

From the CT GOP

HARTFORD – Chris Healy, Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party made the following statement today: “With gas prices soaring and the summer driving season just beginning, we need real leadership to address the high price of gas. Barack Obama talks about leadership but offers no solutions. John McCain is the only Presidential candidate who is ready to lead from Day One.”

FLASHBACK: Illinois Newspaper Headlines Show High Gas Prices Squeezing Residents In 2000:

Chicago Daily Herald Headline: "Owner Tries To Find Humor In Soaring Gas Prices."(Allison Kaplan, "Owner Tries To Find Humor In Soaring Gas Prices," Chicago Daily Herald, 2/25/00)

Chicago Daily Herald Headline: "Everyone Feels Pain Of Pumped-Up Prices." (Robert McCoppin, "Everyone Feels Pain Of Pumped-Up Prices," Chicago Daily Herald, 5/27/00)

"Gas Prices Averaged $1.52 A Gallon In March 2000." (Nick Timiraos, "Obama, Clinton Split Over McCain Plan For Gas-Tax Holiday," The Wall Street Journal, 4/24/08)

In 2000, Obama Voted To Temporarily Eliminate State Sales Tax On Gas, Which Helped Consumers:

Obama Voted To Suspend The State Sales Tax On Gasoline. (S.B. 1310: Senate Third Floor Reading, Passed, 50-0-6, 3/8/00, Obama Voted Yea)

The State Of Illinois Suspended Its Five Percent Sales Tax On Gasoline. "After a whirlwind legislative session, Gov. Ryan signed legislation Thursday that suspends the state's 5 percent sales tax on gasoline. If that is passed on to consumers, fuel prices would drop by about a dime per gallon." (Dave McKinney and Fran Spielman, "Ryan Signs Suspension Of Gas Tax," Chicago Sun-Times, 6/30/00)

"[G]ov. George H. Ryan Signed Legislation Suspending Illinois' Five Percent Sales Tax On Gasoline For Six Months And Issued An Executive Order Creating State Monitoring Teams ..." (Chinta Strausberg, "Daley To Monitor Tax Relief At Pumps," Chicago Defender, 7/1/00)

Obama Said He Supported The Gas Tax Suspension Due To The "Huge Hike" In Gas Prices. Obama: "I originally voted for the suspension because I thought that it was extraordinary circumstances, given the huge hike in prices, but I don't think that we have the evidence yet to make this a permanent three-hundred- or four-hundred-dollar hole in the General Revenue Fund." (Sen. Barack Obama, State Of Illinois 91st General Assembly Regular Session Senate Transcript, 11/15/00,, pp. 51-52)

AAA Chicago Motor Club's Steve Nolan: "The Temporary Repeal Of The State Gas Tax Has Helped [With Gas Price Drop]..."(Robert Manor, "Illinois Finds Dramatic Relief At Gas Pump," Chicago Tribune, 8/17/00)

Obama Jokingly Wanted A Sign On Gas Pumps Acknowledging He Lowered His Constituents' Gas Prices:

Sen. Frank Watson (R-Greenville, IL): "This amendment [Amendment No. 3 to H.B. 3873] was discussed in the Executive Committee. We did not adopt it at the time, but it was kind of an agreement that this would be sent out to the Floor without any discussion - or, without going to committee. And it would require the State of Illinois and the Department of Agriculture to place on a - gasoline pumps the language that the State portion of the State tax on motor fuel and gasohol was eliminated by Public Act whatever, and that it was effective January 1st, 2001." (Sen. Frank Watson, State Of Illinois 91st General Assembly Regular Session Senate Transcript, 4/15/00,, p. 80)

Obama: "I wasn't clear on - on the response to the question, but are - if the gas tax isn't going anywhere, what happens to this [amendment]?" (Sen. Barack Obama, State Of Illinois 91st General Assembly Regular Session Senate Transcript, 4/15/00,, p. 81)
Sen. Watson: "This is part of the gas tax language. This - this is part of the reduction of the sales tax on gasoline. So if the gas - if that passes, this is an amendment to it, and it would require that petroleum marketers have to put a sign on their pumps that this did, in fact happen." (Sen. Frank Watson, State Of Illinois 91st General Assembly Regular Session Senate Transcript, 4/15/00,, p. 81)
Obama: "I was wondering, can I - in my district, can I have 'Senator Obama reduced your gasoline prices'? Is that possible?" (Sen. Barack Obama, State Of Illinois 91st General Assembly Regular Session Senate Transcript, 4/15/00,, p. 81)

TODAY: Americans Are Feeling The Squeeze "As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High":

USA Today Headline: "Drivers Cut Back As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High." (James R. Healey, "Drivers Cut Back As Gas Prices Hit All-Time High," USA Today, 4/22/08)

The Associated Press Headline: "With Gas Hitting Record Highs, Drivers Feeling Squeezed." (Adam Schreck, "With Gas Hitting Record Highs, Drivers Feeling Squeezed," The Associated Press, 4/22/08)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Has Proposed Immediate Gas Tax Relief For American Families, Saving Over $6 Billion:

Under Sen. John McCain's Plan, Families Would Save 18.4 Cents On Every Gallon Of Gas. "Hard-working American families are suffering from higher gasoline prices. John McCain calls on Congress to suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day." (John McCain For President Website,, Accessed 4/22/08)

"A USA TODAY Analysis Showed That McCain's Gas-Tax Proposal Could Save Motorists $6.8 Billion In Taxes During The Summer."(Kathy Kiely, "Gas-Tax Holiday Among McCain's Plans For Economy," USA Today, 4/16/08)

But Obama Has Rejected Gas Tax Relief, Calling It A "Bad Idea":

Obama Now Opposes A Gas Tax Holiday. "In a new policy split in the presidential campaign, Barack Obama opposed a federal gas-tax holiday supported by John McCain, the likely Republican nominee." (Nick Timiraos, "Obama, Clinton Split Over McCain Plan For Gas-Tax Holiday," The Wall Street Journal, 4/24/08)

Obama Called Gas Tax Relief A "Bad Idea." "Earlier Monday at a community college in the Philadelphia suburbs, Obama rejected a tax holiday as bad economic policy. 'I've said I think John McCain's proposal for a three-month tax holiday is a bad idea,' Obama said, warning consumers that any price cut would be short lived before costs spike back." (Nick Timiraos, "Clinton Joins McCain On Gas-Tax Holiday," The Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire" Blog,, 4/21/08)

Despite His Opposition, Obama Outlined Reasons Why American Families Need Gas Tax Relief. Obama:"Now I don't want to jack up the costs. I'm not going to impose an additional tax on gas because consumers just can't bear it right now. I meet too many families who unfortunately, because of some long-term decisions that we've made, they are driving 30-40 miles, they don't have a mass transit option that can get them to work. And so this is just money out of their pockets." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Town Hall Event, Blue Bell, PA, 4/21/08)

As Of April 24, 2008, The Average Price Of Regular Gasoline In Connecticut Was Over $3.71 Per Gallon. (AAA Website,, Accessed 4/24/08)

As Of April 24, 2008, The Average Price Of Regular Gasoline In Indiana Was Over $3.60 Per Gallon. (AAA Website,, Accessed 4/24/08)

As Of April 24, 2008, The Average Price Of Regular Gasoline In North Carolina Was Over $3.54 Per Gallon. (AAA Website,, Accessed 4/24/08)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Expose Barack Obama!

Hello readers!

Today I want to share a site with you called Expose Barack Obama! The site, while it promises to be extremely controversial, everything on it is pure fact. 

As we all know, these so called "battleground states" are extremely important. We saw that in 2006, when one state was mislead by a smear campaign that caused the Senate to crumble before our very eyes and ease into to the hands of the Democratic Party. That State? Virginia.  

Democrat James Webb won by a slim margin due to George Allen's misfortunate  use of the word "macaca." Had the voters looked more in depth at the issues, George Allen would have won that race by a landslide. In fact, the race was supposed to be a easy win for him. Yet Virginia Democrats made the macaca incident a huge issue, big enough to cost Allen the election.

In such an important election, the facts must be known. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts. I encourage you to check out the website. Click here to view it.

Also, as a reminder, their is another website where you can learn all about Obama. It's an official part of the GOP webpage. Its called, "Meet Barack Obama." Click here to view it.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Troubles in the Cuban Community

Politico article - 'Elian Gonzalez saga could haunt Obama' states the difficulties Senator Obama could have with the Cuban community, particularly in Florida...
Eight years after the furor over the repatriation of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba possibly cost Al Gore the state of Florida in his 537-vote loss to George W. Bush, the international custody saga has returned to haunt another Democratic presidential nominee: Barack Obama.

Having two top advisers who played key roles in the episode — Greg Craig, who represented Gonzalez's father in Cuba, and Eric Holder, then a Clinton administration deputy attorney general when federal agents stormed the Miami home of Gonzalez’s relatives to remove the then-6-year-old and return him to Cuba — Obama now finds himself on the wrong side of an emotional issue in a battleground state.

The wound reopened again last week after Gonzalez returned to the headlines in South Florida following a report in a Cuban communist youth newspaper that he has joined Cuba’s Young Communist Union.

Miami-based Republican political consultant Ana Navarro said the stature of Holder and Craig in the Obama campaign “shows a tone-deafness to the Cuban American community's concerns.”

Holding the Left Accoubtable on Energy Prices

ARRA News Service - Conn Carroll, The Foundry, Morning Bell: The most important thing to remember as the debate over energy prices becomes a major issue in 2008 is that liberals want Americans to pay higher energy prices. That is why they sue to stop natural gas drilling in Wyoming, new refineries in South Dakota and coal power plants nationwide . The whole purpose of the Lieberman-Warner carbon capping bill was to increase the cost of energy to force Americans to use less of it. But now Americans are beginning to catch on to the left’s game, and they are not happy.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 67% of voters believe that offshore drilling should be allowed, and 64% believe lifting the ban on offshore drilling will lead to lower gas prices. A new Reuters poll found that 60% of Americans favor more domestic drilling and refinery construction to cool record prices. Facing an American public increasingly hostile to their energy policy, liberals in Congress are scrambling to find new arguments and policy proposals that can provide them with a patina of political cover. They include:

  • Lifting bans on domestic oil production will not lower energy prices. This liberal argument comes in two forms: 1) developing X oil well will not lower the price of gas and 2) it will take 10 years for the increased supply to lower prices. These arguments are especially pernicious because applied to each oil project today, they are technically true. However, if the test for developing any single oil field was whether it alone would lower the price of gas, then no oil field would ever be developed. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will not lower gas substantially by itself, but there is so much more oil currently banned from production. Also, as the Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein points out: “In energy, as with all commodity markets, prices are set at the margin — based on the last transaction — and short-run demand doesn’t change much in response to price fluctuations. In such markets, even small changes in supply can have a big impact on price.” Finally, liberal complaints that lifting domestic drilling bans today would take years to increase supply are completely unpersuasive since liberals have been making the same argument in support of oil production bans for decades now.

  • Oil companies leave billions of acres of already leased land idle. This incredibly deceptive argument is new to the left’s anti-energy arsenal. It is true that, as the left claims, oil companies already have 33 billion acres of offshore leases they are not currently drilling on. But these lands are far from idle. Oil production takes time and requires years of exploration and permitting. Oil companies are already paying billions of dollars every year for land they are exploring, and under current law, if they do not begin drilling by the time their lease is up, they lose their right to drill. This does not mean there are not billions of barrels of more profitable oil in banned areas. The Department of the Interior estimates that their are 19.1 billion barrels of oil and 83.9 trillion cubic feet of gas in the banned areas Outer Continental Shelf alone.

  • Speculators are to blame for the high price of gas. When all else fails, blame the moneychangers. This argument predates not only the environmental movement, but the country itself. As American Enterprise Institute scholar Kevin Hassett points out, Milton Friedman dealt with this specious claim in 1953: “If speculators know that the price of something is going to go up a month from now, they buy today. If they are correct, they make money, and the price change is smoothed by the higher demand today. … If speculators are, as is popularly believed, brilliant tacticians who are making a killing, then their activities are stabilizing. Speculation is good.”

  • Already there are cracks in left’s unity on the drilling issue. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) has co-sponsored a bill with Sen. John Warner (R-VA) to lift the ban on natural gas production off the coast of Virginia. More importantly though, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is refusing to even allow the House to vote on lifting the offshore drilling ban. She must know many from her own party would vote for the measure. After all, they would only be responding to the fact that their constituents are eager to hold them accountable on the issue. [Source]

    Kennedy & Reagan Agree - It's the Economy Stupid!

    Dr. Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: The following insightful words of two former revered Presidents shows clearly the track to National economic success which has developed the most vibrant economic system in the world:
    It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now... Cutting taxes now is not to incur a budget deficit, but to achieve the more prosperous, expanding economy which can bring a budget surplus.” — John F. Kennedy

    “First, if I may, I’d like to establish the scope of the topic under discussion. For when we speak about the economy, we’re dealing with more than mere numbers, more than statistics about productivity and employment. We’re dealing instead with one of the most basic aspects of human existence: We’re dealing with the way the great majority of men and women spend most of their hours, most days, throughout the most productive years of their lives...I believe it’s important to remind ourselves that in dealing with the economy we’re dealing with human creativity. This insight has represented the underpinning of our economic expansion. We cut tax rates, reduced government regulation, and restrained Federal spending; and we unleashed the creativity of individuals and businesses. We gave them freedom to create; to keep the rewards of their own risk-taking and hard work; and to reach for new, bold ideas.” — Ronald Reagan
    Two years ago, Congressional Republicans paid the price for following the wide path of their Democrat colleagues and pursuing the "congressional pork gravy train." Wastefully and increased spending by the Government has eventually slowed our economic growth. If it were not for the Reagan-Kennedy type Bush tax cuts, the economy would have slowed to a stop.

    The present liberal Democrat leadership of Congress appears hell-bent on destroying our economy by pursuing increased taxes, spending via redistribution of wealth schemes and restrictions on business. The liberals hatred of President Bush exceeds their ability to do right by and for American citizens. Although Bush will be gone in less than seven months, these liberal, progressive democrats are focusing on the killing America's golden goose - our economy.

    Our economy is the envy of the world and has raised the American standard of living to an all time high. To save our economy, our leaders need to listen to the words of Presidents Kennedy and Reagan: cut taxes, retrain government spending, reduce government regulation, and unleash the creativity of individuals and businesses.

    Monday, June 23, 2008

    MSNBC Discredits CNN's Smear that McCain Used Bhutto's Death to his Advantage

    The remarks of Charlie Black, a top McCain advisor, created controversy as Fox reported,
    Black called Bhutto’s death an “unfortunate event,” according to a Fortune piece published Monday. “But his knowledge and ability to talk about it reemphasized that this is the guy who’s ready to be Commander-in-Chief. And it helped us.”
    CNN jumped at this story and put Dana Bash on the air saying that McCain stated that he benefitted politically from Bhutto's death. However, this is a blatant misrepresentation. Senator McCain addressed a specific question regarding his qualifications as commander-in-chief. He did not state a desire to see sufferring benefit his political aspirations. CNN falsely represented a quote about politics in NH, twisting it to appear that McCain sought to benefit from a tragedy. However, a clip from Hardball with Chris Mathews at the time of the actual event discredits CNN's current spin...

    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Michigan Up for Grabs

    Another opportunity for a Blue state to turn Red is Michigan. Currently the RCP poll average gives McCain a 1.6% edge. Chris Palko at The Next Right explains why Michigan's desire for change may result in a Republican vote.

    "Michigan has been a state that has been tantalizing for Republicans in the past decade, but always out of reach. In 2000, Al Gore won the state 51.3% to Bush's 46.1%. Four years later, Bush made up a little ground, but he still trailed John Kerry by 3.5 points. Pennsylvania and Michigan have been voting in much the same way during the last two presidential elections, with Michigan about a point more Democratic.

    In the state, Michigan has been a Democratic province this decade. Jennifer Granholm took office in 2002, and won reelection easily in 2006. Fortunately for Republicans, Granholm's popularity has suffered due to the lackluster performance of the Michigan economy. It's not a good sign for your political future when you are said to be presiding over a "one state recession". Perhaps more than any other major state, in recent years Michigan has become fed up with a Democratic state government. Michiganders are ready for change, but the change they want may be in McCain's favor, not Obama's."

    Full article The Big Ten Strategy: Michigan


    ARRA News Service - William J. Murray, Religious Freedom Coalition: Barack Obama and his Green religion backers do not want you to know this: If the existing "marginal wells" in the United States were reopened, within 30 days we would not have to import a single barrel of oil from the Middle East! A marginal well is one that produces 15 or fewer barrels per day. The Democrat controlled Congress refuses to pass the incentives to owners to reopen these wells. The Democrats are also blocking: 14 billion barrels of oil form the Continental Shelf, 10 billion barrels from ANWR, 2 trillion barrels from the Rockey Mountains, and 179 billion barrels from the Canadian Oil Sands. The USA is the only nation in the world that blocks offshore dilling. The USA forbids American oil companies from obtaining oil from the Canadian oil sands. The reserves in the USA are three times those of Saudi Arabia, but laws on the books do not allow exploration. Thank Senator Barack Obama and the Democrats for the price of gasoline.Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Government Is Cause Of, Not Solution To, High Health Care Costs

    ARRA News Service - The Foundry: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Monday that health care spending will “rise relentlessly” unless lawmakers overhaul the health care system. As if trying to prove his point, PriceWaterhouseCoopers released a study yesterday showing employer health care costs will increase 9.9% in 2008, more than double the annual rate of inflation.

    Liberals will tell you that health care costs can be controlled through more government regulation of the health care industry. For example, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il) says he can save $200 billion in health care spending every year through investing in electronic medical records, more centralized coordination of individual care, and government mandated reduction of unnecessary medical procedures. Problem is, no one with any training in the economics of health care believes that savings will materialize. John Sheils, vice president of the health care consulting firm the Lewin Group, says the savings “are just dramatically overstated .” And MIT health economist Jonathan Gruber calls the numbers “nonsense,” noting that there is “zero credible evidence to support that conclusion.”

    Obama is right about one thing, though. In February of this year, he said: “The reason people don’t have health insurance isn’t because they don’t want it, it’s because they can’t afford it.” That is true. But the solution to expensive health insurance is not more government mandates and regulations; it’s less. A major why reason health insurance premiums keep rising is because special interests keep successfully lobbying state legislatures to mandate more and more procedures into all insurance plans. So even though a 25-year-old male has no need for in vitro fertilization and no interest in acupuncture, a state like New Jersey forces him to buy a plan that covers those procedures. The result? That 25-year-old could buy a basic health plan in Kentucky for $960 a year, but the cheapest plan in New Jersey (full of mandates he doesn’t want or need) costs him $5,880. A study for the Health Insurance Association of America found that 20% to 25% of uninsured Americans lack insurance due to benefits mandates.

    Another major factor driving up American health care costs is our antiquated tax code. Thanks to advantages slanted toward employers, the current tax code imposes a tax penalty of up to 50% on the cost of an individually owned policy, effectively pricing millions of working families out of coverage. Americans are not forced to all buy the same type of cell phones, and they are not forced to buy their cell phones through their employers. But thanks to oppressive state mandates and World War II era wage controls, that’s how Americans are forced to buy health insurance. Moving to a consumer-centered health care market , where individuals could purchase health insurance on a level playing field with corporations is a much better way to both reduce health care costs and get more Americans the health care they need. . . . [Read More]Technorati Tags: , , ,

    Ohio Republican Party

    From the Ohio GOP website,

    "With an army of thousands of loyal volunteers, the Ohio Republican Party has become one of the strongest and most successful state party organizations in the nation. Ohioans currently entrust Republican leadership to manage two of the three branches of state government, and Republicans hold a majority of county elective offices statewide as well as a majority of the seats in the Ohio House, Ohio Senate, Ohio Supreme Court, and among the Ohio Congressional delegation."

    The general election campaign for the presidency has begun, and the race now turns to Ohio.

    We urgently need to raise some critical dollars to hire staff, open volunteer centers, purchase equipment, install phone lines, distribute yard signs, register voters, and buy that all-important ad time.

    I'm asking for just $88 to help us get there.

    Your secure, online contribution of $88, one dollar for each county in the state, will help us build a strong, grassroots organization in your community. Every dollar you donate will be used to organize our Republican efforts right there where you live.

    Barack Obama might have finally claimed the delegates to win Democratic Party's nomination, but he cannot win Ohio.

    John McCain is leading in the last four credible polls here, and Sen. Obama carried only five of Ohio's 88 counties in the Democratic primary.

    Columnist Robert Novak said this week that Ohio is "leaning Republican" in the presidential race and "looks likely to play the role of decider this fall."

    But "leaning" is no guarantee.

    We need your generous support to close the deal. Will you give $88, $176 or $250 today? It's time to get to work.

    Kevin DeWine, Deputy Chairman

    For more information about Ohio state and local races visit the Ohio GOP web site.

    Obama's Change

    H/T ARRA News Service:
    Obama's Change: "Cause that's all you'll have when I'm done ...

    Let's Get the Economy Moving Again

    ARRA News Service: U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), TownHall: There is little debate right now on Capitol Hill about whether the American economy is struggling. The real conversation in Washington, D.C. and in living rooms across the country is about how to get our economy moving again. Essentially this debate boils down to one question: Should America promote economic growth and job creation or raise taxes to destroy jobs and economic opportunity?

    Beginning this week, Republicans will make all House members decide which side of this debate they are on by forcing votes on a bill I introduced, the Tax Increase Prevention Act (H.R. 2734). House members will have to choose whether they support Speaker Pelosi’s budget proposal that, in total, is the single largest tax increase ever proposed in the history of the United States, a $3,000 per taxpayer tax increase.

    With so much money already being wasted in Washington, I believe it is wrong for Congress to try and take more money out of the paychecks of hard-working Americans. My bill would make permanent the tax relief of 2001 and 2003, and stop tax increases on raising children, earning money, saving and investing, operating a small business, adopting a child, paying off college loans and even dying.

    Consider the implications of the Democrats’ proposed $680 billion tax hike in 2011 alone:

    Marginal income tax rates will increase as follows:
    --35% bracket will increase by 13 percent
    --33% bracket will increase by 9 percent
    --28% bracket will increase by 11 percent
    --25% bracket will increase by 10 percent
    --10% bracket will increase by 50 percent

    Capital gains rates for individuals will increase from 15% and 0% to 20% and 10%.

    Restoration of the marriage penalty tax.

    The child tax credit will be slashed 50 percent, raising taxes by $500 per child.

    The death tax will go from 0% to 55%.

    I have always held the conviction that American citizens should keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. With Americans facing rising health care costs, high energy prices and economic instability, the absolute last thing families need is to be hit with a massive, job-killing tax increase . . . [Read More]Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Blue to Red: Why New Hampshire Could Likely Go For McCain

    In the Real Clear Politics Polling Average gives Senator McCain a 1.4% edge over Senator Obama. Certainly this doesn't ensure a McCain victory, but there are a number of factors that give Senator McCain an advantage in the state. First, he is established in NH like no other candidate. He has people who volunteered for him this year, and people who volunteered for him eight years ago. He put all his eggs in the NH basket during the primaries, it not only paid off but it created a fiercely loyal and dedicated group of volunteers who were on his side when everyone else was saying he was toast. The race was essentially between him and Governor Romney, and Governor Romney has done a nice job at mending fences and smoothing over any hard feelings his supporters may have had at the time of the primaries.

    McCain fits NH well. 'The Live Free or Die State' is one of the strongest anti-tax states in the union. It is very respectful of people who serve. It is full of New England-style Republicans; a slightly more moderate Republican that recognizes that working with Democrats is simply a fact of life. A necessity in a state is teeters between red and blue, in and a region that that is dominated by Democrats.

    The other edge he has is Senator Obama's potential weakness. All polls except one since Senator Obama's 'bitter remarks' give Senator McCain the edge, where prior Senator Obama had the edge. There is a sizable segment of the population that is not dissimilar to the rural PA and OH voters that so decisively rejected Senator Obama in the primaries. The regional industries are different, but there is a large number of hard working middle class voters in small towns or rural areas that are sick of being looked down upon. NH is also another state that chose Clinton over Obama reflecting another similarity with OH and PA.

    Demographics are what make NH difficult to call. NH voted Kerry in the last election by a slim margin, and Bush in 2000. It is a growing state with much of the new population migrating from Massachusetts, a decidedly blue state. So it is likely to remain a close race, but it is one that Senator McCain is very likely to win in November.

    Obama: Paying Fathers to be Fathers?

    ARRA News Service - Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA: I realize that Democrats want government to rule our lives -- to be in every aspect of our daily routine -- at the expense of our hard-earned tax dollars. They believe that "government" is some sort of separate being that should "care" for us, but they forget that government has no money of its own. Nothing is free, and when the government does something to "help," that money is coming from our pockets.

    Now, ultra liberal Barack Obama wants the government to pay fathers for being fathers. That's right, instead of expecting fathers to have common sense to do the right thing in raising families, Obama wants the government to give the father a payment. As the father of two, and the son of a single parent, I find this proposal to be outrageous. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. I have no desire whatsoever to pay even more taxes just to get some 18-year-old punk to act like a father.

    In a Father's Day speech, Obama said the following:
    We should reward fathers who pay that child support with job training and job opportunities and a larger Earned Income Tax Credit that can help them pay the bills. We should expand programs where registered nurses visit expectant and new mothers and help them learn how to care for themselves before the baby is born and what to do after -- programs that have helped increase father involvement, women's employment, and children's readiness for school. We should help these new families care for their children by expanding maternity and paternity leave, and we should guarantee every worker more paid sick leave so they can stay home to take care of their child without losing their income.
    Letting this passage soak in and reading other parts of his speech, you see just how liberal and on the far left fringe Obama is. Leading up to the comments above, Obama said, "Because if fathers are doing their part ... then our government should meet them halfway." What in the world is he saying? I'll tell you... he's saying that if a father does what he is supposed to be doing, he should get taxpayer-funded benefits. This is ridiculous! Let's see an "Obama" example.... A father is ordered by the court to pay child support. The father complies with the law, and now part of my paycheck is supposed to be forwarded to this guy simply because he is obeying the law? What kind of sense does that make? . . . [Read More]Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Obama's Poor Judgment in Choosing Unethical Associates

    Bill Smith, ARRA News: When I was young, my father and mother warned me that others would judge me by the friends with whom I associated. This fundamental truth applies to all of us as we are forced to evaluate with whom we associate and with whom we would like to represent us. Just a few days ago, Jim Johnson, the CEO of the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) from 1991 to 1998, resigned form Sen. Obama's vice presidential search committee. The Wall Street Journal reported Mr. Johnson received $1.9 million in loans at below market rates from Countrywide Financial, thanks to his friendship with Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo. In a press conference last Tuesday, Sen. Obama dismissed criticism of Mr. Johnson as "a game," and said he would keep him on. A day later, after The New York Times and The Washington Post raised more serious questions about Mr. Johnson and he resigned. In 2004, it was learned that Fannie Mae executives had concealed $10.6 billion in losses through questionable accounting practices. This was about 19 times the size of Enron's losses, but attracted much less media attention.

    Now we see the patter pattern of using associates with unethical problems continuing with the potential appointment of Eric Holder to Obama vice presidential search committee. As reported by the Pittsburg Post Gazette, Eric Holder was deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration and was a key figure in the last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, whose ex-wife, Denise, was a major contributor to Clinton campaigns and to the Clinton library fund. Mr. Rich, who fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution on 51 counts of tax fraud, was not eligible for a pardon under Justice Department guidelines. But Mr. Holder circumvented normal procedures and kept other Justice Department lawyers in the dark. A congressional committee described his conduct as "unconscionable."

    Obama willingness to appointment people with low ethics to his Vice Presidential search committee should be a major issue of concern for all voters. If Obama were elected president, what other individuals with ethical problems or worse would he place in critical positions that will affect all of us? Cronyism and "pay back" appears high on Obama list. His past associations with bigoted people, convicted criminal, and others of questionable ethical problems, evidence Obama's poor judgement. Obama's poor judgment and his continued willingness to appoint friends and associates with low ethical standards reflects Obama association with the influence of the Chicago's Daley political machine rather than running his running for President of the United States. Of course, David Axelrod, Mayor Daley's chief image defender, is a top strategist for Obama's campaign and he was also the media consultant for Obama's US Senate campaign.
    See also: There goes another one and Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’ and Obama Business Parter, Friend & Supporter Convicted of Corruption Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Was Clinton Right? Obama Campaign Questions their Ability to Win Ohio and Florida?

    The AP reports "Obama campaign looks for way to win presidency without Ohio, Florida." The struggles the Obama faced in the primary are showing that Ohio may be a difficult state for Obama to win. The campaign is looking for other states that may provide the electorates to make up for an Ohio and Florida loss. McCain has polled well ahead in Florida and the Democratic Party's bumbling of the state's primary, as well as difficulty with the Jewish vote, has left Obama at a disadvantage. This may leave the Obama campaign with some difficult math as the some of the Northwest states that they've hoped to turn from red to blue do not have nearly the number of electorates Florida and Ohio do. It's interesting that the general election has barely started and Obama's electibility is coming into question within his own campaign.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    More Evidence That PA is a Key Battleground State

    Chris Palko at gives an excellent run down of keys to Senator McCain winning PA. He lays out the unique opportunity that Senator McCain has in that state, specifically being Senator Obama's extrodinary weak showing in the southwestern section of the state...

    "For McCain, the real opportunity could be in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Consider how close a series of counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania were in 2004 and how poory Obama fared in them in the primary:

    Mercer County: Bush 51.0% Kerry 48.2%, Clinton 69% Obama 31%

    Beaver County: Kerry 51.1% Bush 48.4%, Clinton 70% Obama 30%

    Washington County: Kerry 50.1% Bush 49.6%, Clinton 71% Obama 29%

    Cambria County: Bush 50.8% Kerry 48.7%, Clinton 72% Obama 28%

    Lawrence County: Bush 50.5% Kerry 49.2%, Clinton 74% Obama 26%

    Greene County: Bush 50.0% Kerry 49.3%, Clinton 75% Obama 25%

    Fayette County: Kerry 53.2% Bush 45.8%, Clinton 79% Obama 21%

    When voters select a candidate by a three to one margin, when the two candidates have no real policy disagreements, this has to be interpreted as a rejection of the loser. I believe that all seven of the above counties would vote against Obama. These seven counties casted a total of 409,000 votes in 2004. Even a five point swing in these counties, which would still have Obama winning Fayette County, would represent a swing of 20,000 votes. A ten point swing, which for example would have McCain winning Washington County 55% to 45%, would represent 40,000 votes. By themselves, these counties cannot overturn Democratic control of Pennsylvania. But ripping off nearly a third of what would need to be made up in such a small space would allow McCain to really have a shot in Pennsylvania."
    The entire article The Big Ten Strategy: Pennsylvania

    "Inside the Numbers: The Latest Polls"

    A very promising report given at

    "John McCain continues to defy expectations. We all (pollsters, pundits and campaign leadership) were braced for a Barack Obama bounce -- like a pretty big one. The great news: it hasn’t really materialized, not yet anyway. Yes, he’s seen a bounce -- daily tracking polls show him up around 6-points -- but that’s a far cry from the hype that many of our friends on cable news had been selling.

    And, two major polls released in the past 24 hours are full of good news for the campaign -- Diageo/Hotline shows Senator McCain trailing by 2 points overall, but we lead by 10 points with independents. WSJ/NBC shows Senator McCain trailing by 6 points, but the same poll shows Senator McCain has big leads with suburban women and white men.

    And, the rest of the WSJ/NBC survey shows some interesting stuff. It shows Senator McCain leading on some important characteristics. Voters see McCain as: knowledgeable and experienced enough to be president (64% rate McCain as a “4” or “5”, 30% rate Obama a “4” or “5” on the same characteristic); being a good commander in chief (52% rate McCain a “4” or “5” and 33% rate Obama a “4” or “5”); and having strong leadership qualities (63% rate McCain a “4” or “5” and 57% rate Obama a “4” or “5”).

    And, both major surveys released today show Senator McCain continuing to overperform the generic ballot and the challenging political environment.

    If the Obama bump is short lived, Senator McCain’s strengths will remain strong anchors in the data."

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Obama Absent From Town Hall Meeting

    ARRA News Service: Last night, John McCain held the first of what he hoped would be ten joint town hall appearances with Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Senator Obama chose not to attend. The town hall meeting, at Federal Hall in New York City, was broadcast live on The Fox News Channel. This historic location is where President George Washington first took the oath of office. At the event, John McCain answered questions about important issues facing voters this year, including the economy, energy prices and the war. Prior to this town hall meeting, John McCain also appeared at a town hall meeting in Nashua, N.H

    Last week, John McCain invited Senator Obama to participate in this event, hoping to start what would be a series of ten town hall meetings where both candidates would travel the country to answer questions from real voters. Senator Obama has yet to agree to meet us in these town halls, which would revolutionize our political process and start a real change in the tone of politics. John McCain believes in this effort and is putting it into action. There will be another town hall meeting next Thursday, so be sure to check soon for more information.

    Other Sites to Visit & to Support John McCain Online!
    John McCain 2008
    McCain Now
    McCain Google Groups
    McCain Victory 08
    Veterams For McCain

    Mike Huckabee Joins Fox News - NO VP for Huck?

    Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News: Former Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is bringing his political expertise to Fox News Channel as a a political commentator. Huckabee, Arkansas' governor for 10 1/2 years, pulled off a stunning victory in the Iowa caucus and followed with primary victories in seven other states despite running his campaign on a shoestring.The Hope native ended his campaign March 4 after McCain attained the requisite number of delegates to clinch the party's nomination.

    Bill Shine, the senior vice president of programming for FNC, calls Huckabee "a great addition" to the cable network's election coverage. Huckabee will regularly contribute to FNC's America's Election HQ coverage. In a statement , Huckabee said:
    ”I have signed on to be a part of the Fox News Channel family. I hope to bring the unique perspective from “inside the dragon’s belly” as well as to try and speak for the millions of hard-working middle class Americans who really do feel that their voices are not being heard. I saw that on the campaign trail and continue to see as I speak to groups of all kinds around the country as well as campaign for other candidates.

    I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a very satisfying relationship not only for the Fox News Channel and me, but even more for the people of America.”
    Previously this year, Huckabee launched "Huck PAC." So, Huckabee will both helps provide election coverage and will work to help elect conservatives to office. Although not detailed in by Huckabee's or Fox New's press releases, one wonders if Huckabee would have accepted this position if he was still a contender for Vice President. It appears there is No VP for Huck's near future with the convention being only a few months away. But don't count Huckabee out either in the short term or for future elections as a U.S. senator, U.S. representative or a future presidential contender. Hucks' Army remains ready in the wings!