Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michigan Up for Grabs

Another opportunity for a Blue state to turn Red is Michigan. Currently the RCP poll average gives McCain a 1.6% edge. Chris Palko at The Next Right explains why Michigan's desire for change may result in a Republican vote.

"Michigan has been a state that has been tantalizing for Republicans in the past decade, but always out of reach. In 2000, Al Gore won the state 51.3% to Bush's 46.1%. Four years later, Bush made up a little ground, but he still trailed John Kerry by 3.5 points. Pennsylvania and Michigan have been voting in much the same way during the last two presidential elections, with Michigan about a point more Democratic.

In the state, Michigan has been a Democratic province this decade. Jennifer Granholm took office in 2002, and won reelection easily in 2006. Fortunately for Republicans, Granholm's popularity has suffered due to the lackluster performance of the Michigan economy. It's not a good sign for your political future when you are said to be presiding over a "one state recession". Perhaps more than any other major state, in recent years Michigan has become fed up with a Democratic state government. Michiganders are ready for change, but the change they want may be in McCain's favor, not Obama's."

Full article The Big Ten Strategy: Michigan

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