Friday, June 13, 2008

Clinton Supporters & Battleground States

On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site I wrote Friday evening about a critical group: Hillary Supporters who are strongly leaning toward a vote for John McCain. I call them "MAHHS," standing for Mad-as-heck-Hillary-Supporters. How can you encourage this large group of voters?

I hope you'll do what I did: join the crowd. Specifically, I registered at It's a group of 120o-plus "MAHHS." They are committed to supporting John McCain in the general election. I also contributed $10 to the group.

It's not a site for debating the fine points of Hillary's health care proposals or similar matters. It's a place where we can support people committed to the same goal as us: electing John McCain.

Again, I urge you to join -- and to make a small contribution. Thanks.

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