Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russell Brigade e-Update

Russell Brigade e-Update

A Personal Request from Bill

Dear Loyal Brigade Member:

want to personally thank you for the incredible support you've

given me
over the past few weeks. Since my return to the campaign

trail from
active duty, I've been so grateful to know that I'm not

alone in this

Whether you've given $50 or $1000, or signed up to be "boots on

the ground," there is no way I can adequately express my gratitude

for all you're doing.

you know, this campaign is in so many ways a personal

mission.Since my
earliest years, the military has been my family.

My own military career
followed in a long line of honorable service

and sacrifice. When
military men and women are dishonored, and

their service diminished, we
should all feel a personal responsibility

to correct the record.

Will you join me in honoring your military hero? Click here to post a

tribute to a soldier, sailor, Marine or airman;

said so many times that Dad is my hero. He taught me the

meaning of
commitment to a cause bigger and more significant than

self. His life
and military services define duty, honor and country.

Read my tribute to Dad here;

Thank you for the help you've given. If you're in the area, stop by

the Westmoreland County Fair this Saturday night!

With deep gratitude,


Bill Russell

Candidate for Congress

12th Congressional District

MANAGER’S NOTE: Congressman Murtha's campaign has

just moved into
action. Over the past few days he's returned to

southwestern PA to
announce millions in taxpayer-funded earmark

spending. His campaign
issued the first direct attack on Bill, and

more are expected. Jack
Murtha is not giving up, and neither are

we! Evidence is mounting that
we're "in the hunt!"

Would you please consider a $50 contribution immediately?

about to move into the critical next phase of the

are forthcoming), and Bill needs your help to keep up
the pace.


- Peg Luksik (

William Russell for Congress, P.O. Box 630, Johnstown, PA 15907 | | PH:814.525.9171 |


Sheridan Folger

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