Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain Bounce in State and National Polls

The Real Clear Politics Poll average give Obama a 1.2% edge in the general election. This is within the margin of error and a substantial drop in Senator Obama's lead. What may be even more encouraging is that the state polls are swinging Senator McCain's way. Senator McCain has the lead in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, and Florida. This gives Senator McCain the lead in electoral votes for the first time this election. With a strong showing at Saddleback this weekend and Senator Obama's favorablity ratings dropping like a stone; the McCain campaign is gathering momentum just as the conventions arrive.


dagot said...

The curtain behind the empty-suited Obama is being slowly pulled back. Americans are finally waking up. The young, eloquent, hip Democrat is being revealed as nothing but thin veneer. But we'd better not be overconfident. Hillary Clinton has a very prominent role at the Democratic Convention next week. All she needs is a hundred or so delegates to get collective "cold feet" about Obama, and this election may have a very different Democratic presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

For the first time (I think) RCP's "No-tossup" map is showing McCain winning. This is a pretty stunning trend, considering that map showed Obama with well over 300 Electoral votes not long ago.