Sunday, September 21, 2008

Positive Signs for the McCain Campaign

1. Base united and energized with Palin pick.

2. Strong support from both Independents and Democrats.

3. Obama's money advantage is shrinking. Party money combine with campaign money makes the money race extremely close.

4. During primaries Obama tended to poll better than he performed except in blowout situations. McCain tended to perform better over even with polls.

5. The youth vote is fickle, the senior vote is not. While no one knows who will turn out in the end, stats say the person who has consistently voted over the years will show up on election day, while first time voters don't have a strong turn out record.

6. The debates are coming. Question and answer is McCain's strong suite, and not Obama's.

7. Volunteer efforts are improved. State volunteer info - Phone from home volunteer info.

8. Energy - Winter's coming and as Dems stall on the energy bill, and people have to pay for heating oil, gasoline, and electricity; the 'do everything' approach of Republicans, already popular, will likely gain more traction as the days get shorter and colder.

9. McCain is a closer. Looking at the primaries as a guide McCain was behind almost the entire election except for election day. Obama, on the other hand, had a burst at the beginning, but had trouble closing out the race even when the numbers were decisively in his favor.

10. The VP picks. Palin brings excitement and energy, no one pays any attention to Biden except when he sticks his foot in his mouth.

Positive Signs for the McCain Campaign

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gtrman1982 said...

How many things are inaccurate about this post? Obama can answer the important questions as well, if not better than John McCain. You will see during the debates. Obama coulnd't "close" as much in the primaries because he had more competition for the Democratic nomination. And on the Republican side? Fred Thompson? are you kidding me? Of course McCain was going to win the nomination! let's be fair here. I feel #5 of your post has little if absolutely no advantage for either canidate. #8, on Energy, the Democratic-controlled house recently attempted to pass a bill approving of domestic drilling until a better alternative is reached, something that Republicans generally wanted. Republican house members than claimed it was a "ruse".