Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VP Scrutiny only Applies to Women

If we want to talk about earmarks according to the Washington Post Hunter Biden' firm received 3.4 million in earmarks from Senator Obama. Senators Obama and Biden have the earmark thing down. It is even a family affair. There is nothing illegal or immoral about this. It just stands in contrast to McCain who did no earmarks and fights for a better way. I also think it makes a joke out of stories critical of Palin for doing her job as mayor and getting aid for her town to build legitimate projects ($500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, $900,000 for sewer repairs, and $15 million for a rail project).

How about the lawsuit on Hunter? This is likely sour grapes, but it does go to the campaign because the allegation is that the position was created for one reason, his father was running for President. "Hunter Biden was made president with an annual salary of $1.2 million, despite his inexperience in the hedge fund industry, the lawsuit said." Read Delaware Online article.

What does all this really mean? Not much. It will all work out. Biden did nothing criminal, and his father shouldn't be held responsible for his noncriminal actions. No offense to Hunter Biden intended, if his side of the story is correct it will work out, but could you imagine the 24/7 media coverage if it were McCain/Palin?

Why did I not hammer this issue which goes to actual government policy? The nature of the evidence counts, Hunter's side is plausible and may carry the day. There is no evidence that it involved Senator Biden. He recused himself from lobbying his father. Yet by the wild standard put up by some on other blogs and in the media, no one in government would qualify for Vice President, including our own Senator. Even stranger is the new found attention on family connections, being sued for fraud in a firm that you hired on allegedly because of your father's influence is more serious than sleeping with your fiance. The truth is neither should be public father at this time. The first because the evidence hasn't appeared to substantiate it; the second because it is a private matter. That hasn't stopped the press. Maybe we should tell them how we feel then and only then will it stop.
There was a concern that Hunter Biden's role as a lobbyist would have an impact on the senator's proposed presidential run," Wille said. "That's what James Biden told Mr. Lotito. ... Was it true? Who knows? There is no allegation the senator was involved in any of these events."

In an affidavit, Hunter Biden said his father had nothing to do with the deal and that it is Lotito who swindled the Bidens.

He said Lotito lied about being a "fully licensed and accredited securities professional" with hedge fund experience.

In addition, he said Lotito recommended an attorney to vet the business deal who was under investigation and was ultimately convicted of several felony charges for conspiracy and wire and mail fraud in a scheme to steal millions from a computer company.

In the hedge fund business deal, Lotito and the Bidens created a company called LLB Holdings USA and together agreed to pay $21.3 million for 54 percent interest in Paradigm.

In the lawsuit, Lotito said that soon after creating LLB, the Bidens crafted a "secret deal" to create their own company that was designed to buy out his shares in Paradigm for a low rate, to which he agreed. He said he knew nothing of the secret deal until later and now believes he was defrauded out of millions of dollars and his share in the company.

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