Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Donna Brazile 'Obama didn’t lose;The country just wasn’t ready' Diva of Dimwits!

Democrats are 'wetting the bed' says Obama Meister Dave Plouffe! Given the level of testosterone owned by the collective metrosexual population of the DNC - yep.

However it is the Dem Diva - Donna Brazile who gives pause - Obama Loses it is America's fault. Nice.

Michigan polls tank and the DNC/Camp Obama orders a preemptive hissy-fit - GOP could be cheating with Caging. Call foul before you lose and you can not lose.

The Deacon Blue of DemoVictims Everywhere Donna Brazile let's fly to Roger 'I Love MSNBC - really, but I still need to be taken seriously' Simon:

She believes Obama “should get back to issues, instead of talking about change.”

“People still have lingering doubts about Obama as to whether he can be trusted as commander in chief,” Brazile said. “I thought his campaign would have more meat on the bones by now. They did great job at the convention, but it was short-lived.”

She said that at times “Obama’s voice is strong and articulate, but people don’t feel attached to him, and they have got to feel attached to him. That would answer some racial aspects that simmer below the radar and sometimes percolate over the top.”

“He has had some moments where he seems unsure of his own voice,” Brazile said, “but I still think he can pull this off.”

And if he doesn’t?

“If he doesn’t, then Obama didn’t lose,” she said. “The country just wasn’t ready.


Babs said...

How typical of the Democrats to believe they will lose because the Republican's rigged the election. If they win ,it's a win but if the republican's win,it was stolen. How pathetic they are. The race card is in place also.
Every 4 years we have to deal with these losing liberals.

pathickey said...

The Race Card is all they have, Babs!

Babs said...

It's ridiculous.The left will wave hands in air and wonder why all of America did not vote for their Obama. Funny,the color of skin is at the bottom of the list.