Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Change He Promised

by Haydee Florez: Obama promises change. Consider man from history who promised change. Fifty five years ago (July 26th) a young "charismatic" lawyer along with 200 idealistic people, attacked by surprise a military barracks in the most eastern province of the island of Cuba. His objective (he said) to change the political situation and restore democracy and the Constitution of 1940.

Today there is a different constitution "the communist constitution" which has suppressed the individual rights of: freedom of speech, religion and movement, among others. That young lawyer has been in power since 1959. Still from his hospital bed, he is governing his people and the final result of that "promised change" to one of the most prosperous Latin American country in 1958, is that of a third world country whose citizens want to escape from the misery and oppression in which that charismatic "leader" has submerged the country.

The press felt in love with that man and avoid asking the important questions such as who his real friends were; he said whatever people wanted to hear but not the truth. Haven't we learned the lesson? Everybody knows the name of that charismatic young lawyer: Fidel Castro! Remember not all change is good -- Empty or false promises lead to lost freedoms -- Get the facts!

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