Saturday, July 12, 2008

Huckabee Touts McCain as 'Refreshingly Stubborn'

The Chicago Tribune article Huckabee sees 'refreshingly stubborn' nominee reports on Governor Huckabee's address to the Iowa Republican State Convention. He was there drumming up support for Senator McCain particularly with social conservatives. Huckabee explained why Senator is the best choice for president and touted him 'refreshingly stubborn.'

Republican Mike Huckabee believes that presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama will drive home social conservatives leery of John McCain, but McCain will add independent voters attracted by his "refreshingly stubborn" approach to politics.

Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor who won Iowa's leadoff Republican caucuses, was the keynote speaker at the Republican State Convention on Saturday. His mission was to shore up support for presumptive nominee McCain among influential social and religious conservatives. Those activists were key to Huckabee's win in the January caucuses, and he made the case that those conservatives face a clear choice in November.

"My job here today is to remind people that while, and particularly here in Iowa, John McCain may not have been their first choice, he's the best choice as they think about going in and voting in November," said Huckabee. "He wasn't my first choice either, but he's certainly my choice now."


pastormike said...

Its funny that sooooo many people want Huckabee as the VP he wins all the online Polls has a huge grassroots following and yet Washington and McCains Lobbyist team wont let him in. They have a petition at asking McCain to ask Huckabee to be the VP< I have to say I would maybe consider voting for McCain if Huckabee was the VP, But I was really holding out for a Huckabee for Pres spot. Me and Mike still hoping for a Miricle. If its not going to be Huckabee maybe it should be that T. Boon Pickens guy. I just read his plan, its much better them McCains or Obamas. You can see his plan at I probably will stay home this election year. No candidate for me.

David said...

Pastor Mike, I understand your point of view. I too was a Huckabee supporter. I was in fact on his steering committee for my state. If you look at the post Mac is back, you will see the majority of evangelicals feel less than enthusiastic.

Let me give you a few reasons to pull the lever. The Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judicuary, the lower ballot offices, having a steady hand in time of war, and the right to life.

I don't need to feel great to do the best I can. I know the children are counting on me. I don't want to take the chance that Senator Obama could have 8 years to appoint ACLU attorneys to the federal bench. Carter appointed 200 of them and the damage is still affecting us 30 years later. When those guys retire in the coming few years, let's have them replaced with people who come closer to the American value system. I will vote for the sake of the children and those who may never be born if we allow the old leftists on the high court to be replaced with young ones even more radical. One Ginsburg is enough.