Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Evidence Obama Snubbed Wounded Soldiers Due to No Media Coverage

There has still been no statement by either the Obama camaign or the Pentagon stating that Senator Obama was not allowed to visit the wounded soldiers in Germany. The only restriction was on campaign staff and cameras/press. As the LA Times points out in its article Military says it set rules for Obama hospital visit, Senator Obama and his Senate staff were not restricted, just campaign staff and campaign activities.
U.S. military authorities told advisors to Barack Obama this week that he could not bring press or campaign staff on a visit to wounded troops from Iraq and Afghanistan at a hospital in Germany, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday.

After advisors learned of the restriction, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee canceled his scheduled visit Friday to the military's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in southern Germany.
This suggests one of four things.

1. Senator Obama didn't think the rules appied to him.
2. He and his campaign are seriously deficient in logistical planning.
3. Senator Obama was not interested in going if there were no cameras.
4. Working out in the Ritz Carlton gym was more important than visiting wounded soldiers.

1 comment:

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Your point 2 is a nice way of saying that Obama and his team suffer from HUTAS.

But you could add, in my opinion, that Obama just doesn't have a heart--and that, with respect to rocks, he's dumber than a rock.

He fantasizes he could be CINC, when he doesn't even know that means caring for the troops he would command? Doesn't he have some retired Air Force generals, as well as former-four-star-general Wesley Clark, advising him. Maybe that's the problem?

In any case, the man acted loutishly. No amount of blaming others will scrub away his incredibly stupid decision to not visit the troops.

And he will never earn the right to be CINC, even if, God forbid, he should be elected president.