Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's Missing at Barack Obama's Political Campaign Rallies?

ARRA News Service - H/T the excellent insight by Martin Diano at Dianospher: What's Missing at Barack Obama's Political Campaign Rallies?

There is something missing at all the Barack Obama campaign rallies which was even more conspicuous by its absence at the Democratic convention. Something you never hear and will not likely hear through election day. But it is always heard at McCain campaign rallies and was certainly in evidence at the GOP convention.

Before I say what is missing, let me be unmistakeably and abundantly clear: I believe in overwhelming numbers that Democrats—even the hard core ones who consider themselves Bush haters—at their very core are patriotic, loyal Americans. Having said that, let me tell you what you never hear at an Obama rally: The chant "USA-USA-USA-USA-USA".

What I conclude from this is not that Democrats are unpatriotic or disloyal. Not at all. The conclusion I draw is that Barack Obama, in what he says and how he says it, makes people feel that America's best days have long since past. He does not make us feel good about ourselves. If people believe his rhetoric, the United States of America is on the precipice of total and utter collapse. Americans, Mr. Obama will have us and the world believe, are unable to cope with difficult issues and only he can lift us up from mediocrity to once again give the United States of America standing in the world community.

Barack Obama, in particular, fails to inspire men and women who served in the military or who currently are on active duty. From the aging WW ll veteran to Vietnam veterans to those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan to those currently on active duty, Barack Obama does not make you want to snap to attention and salute the flag. He just does not have "the right stuff" to be our Commander-in-Chief.

Go to a McCain campaign rally, however, agree with his issues or not, and at very least he makes you proud that you are an American. He leaves you feeling that America's best days are ahead of us. That we will leave Iraq with our heads held high. That serving in the military is honorable. That our economy will survive.

What I want in a president is not a Preacher-in-Chief but a Commander-in-Chief.
So I close by chanting: USA-USA-USA-USA-USA

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