Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Senator Biden Showing His Patriotism

Biden Voted Against The Tax Cuts That Have Saved Delawareans $2.7 Billion Between 2001 And 2005. 1

Biden Is Sponsoring A Bill That Would Subject The U.S To A United Nations Tax, Estimated At 0.7% Of Our Gross National Product, Or Over $100 billion A Year. 2

Biden Has Voted Against Recent Attempts To Provide Alternative Minimum Tax(AMT) Relief. 3

Biden Has Opposed Providing Estate Tax Relief. 4

1.”Tax Relief Kit,” U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Tax Policy, , Accessed February 15, 2007.
3.”Alternative Minimum Taxpayers By State,” Report RS22083, Congressional Research Service, , March 17, 2005
4. HR 5970, CQ Vote #229, Aug. 3, 2006

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