Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bobby Rush & the $700B Bailout

Bobby Rush & the $700B Bailout

With the continual decline in the stock market, many Americans are concerned about their investments and retirement accounts. This is a very trying time for our nation, and more than partisan politics we need practical solutions.

While there is no one single answer to resolving our financial crisis, we must approach this problem with our citizens as the top priority. We just recently learned that after receiving over $80 billion in federal assistance, AIG executives paid close to $500,000 for a lavish retreat. This is not the type of solutions I have in mind.

If elected to represent you in Congress, I will make sure:

  • Main Street gets helped before Wall Street
  • Responsible borrowers remain in their homes
  • Credit lines are available for small-business owners and consumers
  • Student loans are available to our future leaders

Unfortunately, Bobby Rush has put Wall Street before Main Street. After receiving pressure from his Wall Street donors, Bobby Rush flipped-flopped and voted to giveaway at least $700 billion in tax-payer dollars. After 16 years in Washington, you would think he should know better.

I am not obligated to Wall Street and I will make sure that you are helped before they are. I will make sure that those guilty of criminal activities are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Let's end 16 years of Wall Street telling us what to do, and let's start telling them what to do.

Antoine Members

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