Sunday, October 24, 2010

Delaware Democrat Supports Amnesty for Illegals

Amnesty John Reveals His True Intentions
Delaware Democrat John Carney Weaves into support of Eventual Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
Those who favor some sort of amnesty…This sort of program makes sense to them….one which has some sort of path to citizenship for guest workers, Democrat Congressional candidate, John Carney stated.
“The Rule of Law is the most basic of American values”, declared Businessman Glen Urquhart, Republican candidate for Delaware’s lone U. S. House Seat in response.
We will stay a great nation with the help of immigrants, but only if they are legal immigrants. As such we must work to secure our borders, enforce employer sanctions and reject any effort to give welfare to those here illegally. We should make it more difficult for people here illegally to transfer money out of the country. Amnesty is not an answer to the illegal immigrants here now. It only encourages others to sneak in, hoping they will be put at the head of the line in front of others who are legally going through the process, stated Urquhart.
Campaign Communications Director David Anderson blasted the recent Carney statements as out of touch with Delaware values.
John Carney is running distorted negative ads falsely declaring Glen Urquhart an extremist. Now we know why. He is hiding his own extremism. His support of amnesty is the first example we will cite.
In an interview with the state’s most widely read newspaper, Democrat John Carney endorsed a guest worker program as a door way to amnesty. At 28:42 in the clip, career politician John Carney started rightfully pointed out that the Guest worker program he is touting is a path way to “amnesty”. John Carney’s disregard for the rule of law is an extreme position that should give anyone pause before casting a ballot, said Anderson.


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