Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ray McKinney’s Speech - GA-12

The Georgia 12 District has been solidly Democrat. However, Ray McKinney won the Republican primary over several opponents including having a run-off. With McKinney in the race, the NY Times as of this note has the district leaning democrat instead of solidly democrat. While McKinney has considerably less money, his message seems to be resonating among voters. In addition to his campaign staff, McKinney has in his arsenal of dedicated workers a young political activist, Ali Akbar, a young conservative activist who is respected by other conservative activist.

Ray McKinney for Congress (GA-12): It’s so good to be among my fellow Republicans today. Like you, I’m here today because of my deep love for this country. Like you, I believe our nation is on the wrong track, and there must be a change in Washington, starting with the House of Representatives.

After two years of total Democratic rule, the debt has climbed into the trillions, real unemployment is approaching 20 percent, and we are facing a real prospect of a double dip recession.

We need a change of leadership in Congress, and that change can start right here in the twelfth district by defeating Democrat incumbent John Barrow this November.

We have just completed a primary election. I know that a number of you supported one of the other excellent candidates. All four of us had the same goals: reduce spending, stop tax increases, protect life and adhere to constitutional principles that guarantee liberty and individual rights. As we move into the general election season, we must work together to achieve those goals.

I know we have a long, difficult road ahead of us. John Barrow has a lot of money. We do not. As a six year incumbent, John Barrow has pretty good name i.d. I’m not nearly as well known. But John Barrow has one big negative: his liberal voting record.

Barrow says he’s a conservative “blue dog” Democrat, and on the campaign trail he says he’s for spending cuts. But his actions in Washington tell another story. Barrow is a big spender and a job killer.

Here are some examples: He voted for legislation raising taxes and extending unemployment benefits without adhering to “pay as you go” rules. It added over $50 billion to the deficit. It also imposed a 24 cent tax on each barrel of oil – that’s 500 million dollars a year. He voted for a resolution allowing congress to spend money for the next fiscal year without passing an actual budget.

We can’t forget the one trillion dollars in so-called stimulus spending, the bailouts of GM and Chrysler, and the 700 billion dollar bank bailout. He voted for the financial institutions reform law which makes bank bailouts permanent. It also imposes taxes on banks which they pass on to the consumers.

It’s not enough for us to point out John Barrow’s job killing voting record. Voters must have a positive alternative.

That’s why I have developed a plan to restore the economy and create jobs. It includes: repealing and replacing Obamacare, immediately cutting spending by 1.3 trillion dollars, restoring the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, making the repeal of the death tax permanent, easing regulations that hinder small businesses, and removing the barriers to domestic energy development, including nuclear power and oil drilling.

I believe the voters of the twelfth district are ready for solutions that work. But I need your help. I need you to help spread the word. Others will talk today about things we can do on the grassroots level… making phone calls, going door to door, writing letters to the editor.

John Barrow has money on his side, I have you, the people, on my side. And that will propel us into victory this November.

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