Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Smoke Around Crist Campaign . . .

. . . and often when there's smoke there's fire. Why did Florida Republican voters not support Gov. Charlie Crist for their party's nomination? Maybe it was because they understood the real problems associated with Jim Greer and Crist. They may have been nice enough not to have hang out the dirty laundry, but they knew which people were creating it. Obviously, based on polling numbers, they didn't want to be associate with Crist any longer. Crist has now gone Independent and he kept the money donated by Republicans donors and the Florida Republican Party! Wonder how much came from his buddy Jim Greer?

Wash Times: Crist ally arrested, accused of GOP theft
Miami Herald: GOP chief arrested in secret siphoning of cash
WaPo: Former Florida Republican chairman Jim Greer charged with defrauding party
NYT: Florida: Ex-Republican Leader Indicted

American Spectator: Crist Majordomo Charged

Buzz: Charlie Crist "owns" Jim Greer scandal sullying McCollum and others
Hill: Crist says he’s ‘lonely’ on campaign trail
Poor baby - what did he expect. Crist should give back the money both tangible and in-kind! The justice department may not have done so yet, but the public must surely see Crist as an unindited co-conspirator.

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