Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rep. Marion Berry - No Blue Dog - Lap Dog for Speaker Pelosi

Update - "Marion Berry No Blue Dog" - The Video - Enjoy
America, You Asked For It! has cleverly designed the following video for the NRCC ad. The citizens of the Arkansas 1st Congressional District don't need a Pelosi "Lap Dog" or even a "Blue Dog" representing the 1st District. They need a real "Bull Dog" Conservative standing for Arkansas values, limited government and individual liberty.

ARRA News Service - Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR) tries to cover his tracks when he is back home in Arkansas claiming that he is a farmer interested in agriculture in the 1st District. But as evidence has proven in the past, the only interest Berry has in agriculture is lining his own pockets with farm subsidy money. When he is home, he knows his district did not vote for Barack Obama. Sources have advised that Berry takes a few liberties and casts dispersions against Obama. But when he returns to Congress, he drops the agriculture label and is identified as a pharmacist. He doesn't want to be considered a "hay seed" in Congress with his liberal colleagues. He also turns tail and praises Barack Obama and rejoins the fold not as a Blue Dog but as a lap dog of Speaker Pelosi.

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) has noted Berry's antics in Washington and also the growing conservative base in Arkansas 1st Congressional District and released the following addressing Congressman Berry antics. Click for mp3 Radio Ad - Enjoy!

Berry will definitely have competition in 2010 from the republicans. One candidate, Rick Crawford, has already announced he will challenge Berry.

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