Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tax Cuts and Christian Principles are the Solution for the Third World

Yes, there are pants of panic from a new UN study which says that the global population will soar to 9 billion by 2050. I say great. That's more people we can teach the Gospel to. (I had to toss that in so a couple of liberal heads would explode.) I welcome the change. We have become more prosperous globally with fewer incidents of starvation and famine since our population has increased. Why, we have developed new technology especially in medicine and food production. Population is not a problem, it is just a challenge.

Still there is way too much poverty in the world. A billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day and may never take a shower in their life times. There is too much suffering in the world which is needless. Why is it needless? We have the ability to end run most of it.

The Korean peninsula was a place that was torn by decades of war, starvation, and poverty. Half of it had godless socailism imposed upon it. The other half was allowed to experience free markets, religious freedom, Christianity, and sensible tax policy. Which half is starving and which half is one of the wealthiest nations in the world?

I believe the great enemy of the poor is secular progressive socialism. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nations on earth. Why? It has long had some of the highest marginal tax rates on earth. When you look at all of the world's poorest economies, you see that they impose some the highest tax rates at very low incomes. One African nation has the 35% rate kick in around $430 a year. Bangladesh had the 60% rate around $7000. When ever someone tries to get ahead and save so they can start a business or birth an invention, they are slammed by the government. That is why so many of the people come to America and become successful.

I believe one of the keys to solving the third world issues is a flat tax or progressive national sales tax like the Fair Tax. People would become free to save, invest, and trade without excessive restrictions. That is the only way new technology will transform their lives. It has worked for us. Then again maybe we will abandon what made us successful while they transform themselves. That would be a sad irony.

The next key is the adoption of certain values. These nations are being held back by certain customs that the Christian nations have escaped. Many of them do not have as stable of a family situation as they could. Many young men are not focused toward productive paths. They do not have women and fathers to civilize them. As a result those nations often end up in civil wars and unrest. The AIDS and other epidemics are destroying their society because monogamy is not valued. The talents of the women are under utilized by depriving them of education which puts them at an even greater disadvantage to the West. Social structures lock some in to being privileged and others into being forgotten. Culture matters. You can not have a strong society without a strong culture.

It seems the solutions to the most difficult problems of the world can begin with tax cuts and Christian Principles.

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