Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Will MSNBC DO?

Watched MSNBC after 8 anytime recently? If you have you'll know they are facing a crisis. George Bush is leaving Washington. Entire shows on MSNBC revolve around the host's biting hatred on the president. This certainly isn't to say that there aren't legitimate reasons to criticize the Bush administration, but guess what he's leaving. Still with a historic inauguration only a day away MSNBC hosts just can't see past their hatered. So what will these shows turn into? Will there be big pockets of dead air, where indignant rants about Bush 43 used to be? Will they look for someone else to tear down, possibly a Governor from Alaska? Is MSNBC a one trick pony, or will they be able to adapt to a popular Democrat as president?

1 comment:

HeyJude said...

They will continue to be the same propaganda artists who made sure that The One was Chosen.